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Gullino presents Dorelì, the yellow kiwifruit with a golden heart


Gruppo Gullino, the market’s leading kiwifruit grower and marketer, has chosen Italia Brand Group to take on its new press campaign for Dorelì, the yellow kiwifruit with a golden heart. Alongside advertising in the main trade magazines, there will be Internet action in the form of a mini site to spread a viral video that will be broadcast on the main social networks. A coordinated image through BTL materials targeting the trade and the new pack graphics will also accompany the planned POP promotion with sampling stands. The communication aim is to emphasize the quality and strength of Dorelì to the trade market. The concept encapsulated in the claim of “Dorelì. Dolce, buono, di successo” [Dorelì: sweet, good, successful] not only expresses the nutritional richness and eating qualities of Dorelì kiwifruit, it also immediately conveys its added value by identifying it as a premium product aimed at a high-spending target that pays attention to quality and functional benefits. The kiwifruit is the undisputed star of the campaign. With the name Dorelì it comes to life and dolls itself up for the party. Dressed up in gold, the fruit becomes a concentration of its wealth of benefits for health and for business.