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Co-op UK expands robot delivery network

Co-op UK expands robot delivery network, © The Mirror
© The Mirror


Since the lockdown, Co-op UK has seen a surge in demand for its robot delivery service, with average transaction values quadrupling. This has prompted the retailer to expand the system to six new locations, taking the total to eight, and will now offer a range of over 1,000 items for same-day delivery. The retailer partnered with Starship Technologies to offer same-day delivery via its autonomous robots in Milton Keynes since 2018, 

NHS workers using the service will also not be charged for delivery, and the robots were programmed to stop at 8pm every Thursday as the nation applauded the health service.

Co-op’s head of online development, Jason Perry, said, “Quality, ease and convenience is at the core of our approach and we continue to innovate and expand access to our products online in order to offer greater flexibility and choice to meet consumer needs in our communities.” 

In March Starship Technologies, which also delivers for Tesco, announced it was expanding deliveries in its hometown of Milton Keynes to Monkston, Emerson Valley and Bletchley marking the first time deliveries are being made available in the centre of a UK town.These robots have now been expanded to over 100 cities across the globe and have carried out over 100,000 deliveries in the UK since 2018.

It also forms part of Co-op’s ambition to offer same-day delivery from 650 of its stores by the end of the year via partnerships with Starship Technologies, Deliveroo and Buymie, alongside its own delivery service.

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Amazon set to roll out Ultra Fast Fresh delivery in UK

Amazon set to roll out Ultra Fast Fresh delivery in UK

In the face of growing demand for online groceries, Amazon has announced plans to launch a super-fast delivery service of fresh products in the UK, reports The Grocer. The service will be free for Prime subscribers and is aimed at bringing rapid grocery delivery to nearly 40% cent of the country’s households by the end of 2020. The Ultra Fast grocery delivery service is already available to Prime members in the US.

Amazon is making this move at a time when the UK’s largest online grocer Ocado is reported to be struggling to open additional delivery slots due to unprecedented demand during the coronavirus lockdown and has been forced to limit delivery slots to existing customers only.

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Morrisons teams up with Deliveroo for contact-free delivery

To help UK consumers cope with the current lockdown, retailer Morrisons has partnered with Deliveroo to offer on-demand delivery in 30 minutes to families struggling to secure delivery slots. The partnership is aimed at expanding delivery capabilities, with Morrisons now offering 70 “essential household” items via the Deliveroo app. The service is available from over 130 Morrisons stores across the UK on new £35 lockdown food boxes

Morrisons chief executive, David Potts said, “Our partnership with Deliveroo will help us to continue to play our full part in feeding the nation. It’s a great combination of traditional and modern methods and it will provide more vulnerable people with the opportunity to receive their home delivery.”

Last week, Morrisons announced a similar partnership with DPD to provide next-day delivery of its £35 food boxes. The Meat Eaters Food Box and a Vegetarian Food Box contain enough chilled, fresh and tinned food items to feed a couple for up to a week. Over 200,000 orders have been fulfilled since the partnership was announced.

Deliveroo announced a similar partnership this week with McColl’s to offer “contact free” delivery from over 120 stores.

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SanLucar and its master growers distribute free food to the truck drivers

SanLucar and its master growers distribute free food to the truck drivers, © SanLucar
In the center of the image, Stephan Rötzer, founder of SanLucar, together with the master growers /// © SanLucar
Valencia, Spain, 1st April 2020

The SanLucar group and its closest partners – the agricultural producers, Fresaflor, Llusar and Poveda – have taken action to support truck drivers in the development of their daily work. This is the free distribution of an individual kit of food, drink and fresh fruit, available to these professionals in the loading and unloading platforms that the company has in Spain, Germany and Austria.

“At SanLucar, we know that truckers are facing new challenges these days, enduring long queues at border crossings or the absence of open bars and restaurants along the way. And even so, they continue to strive, aware of how crucial the work they do is. They are our anonymous heroes”, explains Stephan Rötzer, founder and owner of the SanLucar group.

“It’s time for a closer collaboration between all of us, in a context where the entire value chain of the food sector is doing an outstanding job in supplying the market with such basic products as fruit and vegetables,” concludes Rötzer.,” concludes Rötzer.

About SanLucar

SanLucar, the premium brand for fruit and vegetables, is a globally positioned enterprise with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, Ecuador, Benelux and Dubai. In 1993, the company was founded by Stephan Rötzer from Munich and employs approximately 2,800 people today, the majority of them working on the company’s own farms and in SanLucar offices on four continents.

With a range of more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the broadest assortment in the retail trade. In line with the philosophy “Taste in harmony with people and nature”, SanLucar is a responsible player on the global fruit and vegetable market and is currently expanding into the Arab Gulf States, Russia and Canada.


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Rutabago ensures delivery throughout France of its 100% organic meal-preparation boxes

Rutabago ensures delivery throughout France of its 100% organic meal-preparation boxes
© Rutabago


The young company Rutabago is working to ensure the delivery of its healthy products during the Coronavirus pandemic. The message is: Don’t panic! There will be something for everyone! Deliveries are guaranteed for all the customers in four corners of France. 

And Rutabago’s team is not stopping there in its efforts to deliver healthy, organic, complete and balanced meals to cook at home. The 100% organic cooking boxes are guaranteed to be hygienic. The Rutabago facilities now comply with improved hygiene standards: all employees are equipped with an apron, a mask and gloves, the wearing of protective clothing and hand washing are compulsory before each stage of order preparation. All work surfaces are carefully disinfected and delivery is now contactless. All door handles and switches are regularly disinfected and cell phones are prohibited in the workshop. Finally, Rutabago has set up a team rotation so that they do not cross paths during production days.

The determined Rutabago team will be there every day with the right organisation to ensure its customers’ food boxes are dispatched without any problems.

Caroline Nicolas, logistics manager, said: “If necessary, we prefer to be confined in the workshop rather than at home … to be able to deliver at all costs!”

It is important to note that transmission through food is low, if not non-existent, according to the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency). And according to the WHO (World Health Organization), the probability that an infected person will contaminate goods is low, as is the risk of contracting the virus responsible for COVID-19 by contact with a package that has been moved and exposed to different temperatures.