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Ukraine berries market under spotlight at conference

Berries and grapes together account for half the total value of all fruit sold in Ukraine, according to statistics presented to delegates from Ukraine and European countries at the Berries of Ukraine 2015 6th International Conference, organised by APK-Inform: Vegetables & Fruits project.

Berries and grapes together account for half the total value of all fruit sold in Ukraine, according to statistics presented to delegates from Ukraine and European countries at the Berries of Ukraine 2015 6th International Conference, organised by APK-Inform: Vegetables & Fruits project.

The conference was held in May in Kiev and hosted 160 agrarians who heard the presentations of professionals concerning the challenges and benefits of the berries sector.

It is possible strawberry exports from Ukraine will be at record level this season, said Tatiana Getman, head of the project. Last year, the country exported 300 tons, and this year the amount may reach 1,000 tons.

Last season, cherries and sour cherries topped the exports. However, this year, with the embargo imposed on Ukrainian fruit, problems with exports may arise, Russia being the top buyer of Ukrainian products.

Growing demand for niche berries

At the same time, the demand for berries at the local market keeps growing, and the number of farmers willing to grow them increases faster than the interest in any other crop. Therefore it is essential to choose the right strategy from the very beginning, said Oleg Bosyi, international expert in the sector.

He recommended starting to grow traditional berries, such as strawberry and raspberry. As for experienced produces, they are interested in offering niche berries as well. Blueberry, bramble and honeysuckle are niche berries chosen by more and more consumers.


(Image by neurovelho via Wikimedia Commons)

The demand for cranberry and for gooseberry keeps growing too, the latter being one of the most prospective niche berry, believes Alexander Yarechshenko, science PhD from the Horticultural Institute. It is a pity gooseberry is wrongly forgotten by the farmers, he said. There are currently 600 ha of gooseberry in Ukraine, only 1/3 of them being cultivated commercially. At the same time, demand keeps growing, and gooseberry production has many advantages: the use of the plantation is 15-20 years, and harvesting may be done by machines.

Low Ukraine grape consumption

Meanwhile, Ukrainian table grape producers are less optimistic. Per capita grape consumption in Ukraine remains very low – 1.1 kg against the 12 kg recommended by European health organisations. The reasons are high prices, poor production conditions and lack of modern cold store facilities.

Optimal crop protection among other topics covered

The berries conference program also addressed export potential, the current situation of the frozen berries market, and discussion of new sales channels. The delegates attended master-classes by leading Ukrainian and foreign experts who explained how to choose optimal crop protection and optimal approaches to business barriers in Ukraine in general.


The 6th International Conference Berries of Ukraine-2015: Frozen Produce & Fresh Market

Gooseberries: Image by neurovelho (own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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United Fresh & GLOBALG.A.P. important industry conference June 11 in Chicago

“The Sense and Nonsense of Farm Certification”  United Fresh and GLOBALG.A.P. invite the fresh produce industry to challenge the business case of the certification industry.

GLOBALG.A.P., the world’s largest and most trusted farm certification standards organization, and United Fresh, the nation’s leading produce trade association, invite United Fresh Convention (June 8-10) attendees to stay in Chicago for an exciting one-day conference, Thursday, June 11, with leading agricultural industry and government representatives.

The “TOUR 2015” event from 9am–1p.m. in the McCormick Place Convention Center features a keynote address by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor on the FDA’s view of the role of on-farm audits in the coming era of the landmark Food Safty Modernization Act (FSMA) legislation.

Audit fatigue reduction also on the agenda

The first session examines food safety harmonization and audit fatigue reduction. Moderated by United Fresh’s Senior Vice President of Food Safety, David Gombas, the session’s panelists include Alpine Fresh’s Peter Hill; Costco’s Craig Wilson; Florida Tomato Exchange’s Reggie Brown; Moreland Fruit Farm’s Fred Finney; Walmart’s Kerry Bridges; and Wegmans’ Bill Pool.

Going beyond food safety

Up next, GLOBALG.A.P. explores the rising trend of going “Beyond Food Safety” with a look into sustainability and worker welfare concernsEnvironmental consultant Robert Denny will moderate this session with panelists Gavin Bailey of Walmart; Mary O’Rourke of the U.S. Department of Labor; Chris Waldrop of the Consumer Federation of America; Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates’ Tamara Muruetagoiena; and Costco’s Craig Wilson.

Future role of third-party audits in farm certification

The third session looks ahead to the future role of third-party audits in the changing landscape of farm certification, and includes such panelists as the USDA’s Ken Peterson; the Equitable Food Initiative’s Peter O’Driscoll; SQFI’s LeAnn Chuboff; Equicert’s Michael Hari; and sustainability consultant Roberta Anderson.

Key issues for the sector

“These are critical issues for our industry, so I encourage you to consider extending your stay through Thursday’s conference.” said United Fresh’s CEO Tom Stenzel.

GLOBALG.A.P.’s President Kristian Moeller noted: “We greatly value our partnership with United Fresh and are pleased to offer our first North American TOUR event in conjunction with their convention.”

For more information about the program and to register, visit
Note, registration for this event is separate from registration for the 2015 United Fresh convention.

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7th international conference ‘Potatoes & Vegetables of Ukraine-2015′



To be held February 27 at KyivExpoPlaza in Kiev, Ukraine, the International Conference ‘Potatoes & Vegetables of Ukraine’ is one of the leading fruit and vegetable events in Eastern Europe. It is also the only event gathering  all leading growers of potatoes and traditional vegetables (onions, white cabbage, carrots, table beets) in Ukraine, as well as a large number of foreign experts.

The conference is traditionally held in Kiev on February 27. as will be the case this year, when it will take place in conjunction with Storage Expo: Fruits & Vegetables and Industrial Cold exhibitions, held February 25-27.

Domestic and foreign speakers will give presentations on all key issues of the potato and vegetable businesses.

The conference is co-organized by Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers.

Key conference subjects:

– The fundamental Ukrainian potato and vegetable production and price forecast for the 2015/16 season;

– The situation in the market for early produce;

– Foreign trade in potatoes and traditional vegetables: potential, new directions, price prospects;

– Potato and vegetable business under current economic conditions: investment attractiveness and possible niches;

– Modern seed growing trends in the sector;

– Foreign experts’ technological master-classes on produce growing;

– The potato and vegetable processing sector prospects;

– Modern approaches to potato and vegetable handling and storage;

– Efficient produce marketing and promotion in the market;

– Another meeting of Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers.

Organizational moments:

– Special conditions of participation offered for exhibitors of Storage Expo: Fruits & Vegetables and Industrial Cold exhibitions

– Discounts for participation for those registered before February 1

– Applications to be accepted until February 23

– A discount of 30% on the study ‘Fruit & Vegetable market of Ukraine-2015. Results and Forecasts for the Next Season’.

Forecasts for next season

The organisers will also offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship options as relevant under current market conditions as possible.

For more information about the event, preliminary program, conditions of participation and application form visit or contact Mr Ievgen Kuzin tel: +380 (562) 321595, ext. – 341 cell: +380 96 5836323


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Registration starts for Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014 Conference


Registration starts for Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014 Conference

Leading fruit and vegetable conference and trade forum in Ukraine expecting visitors from more than 15 countries

Fruit-Inform has opened registration for the 11th annual international conference Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014.

Taking place December 8-10 at the Rus Hotel, in the centre of Kiev, Ukraine, it is organised in conjunction with the 4th International Trade Forum (December 10), which is recognised as the most professional meeting place for fruit and vegetable suppliers and purchasers in Ukraine.

Fito-Mag is the general sponsor of the conference, highlights of which will include the presentation of the preliminary production, price and trade outlook for Ukraine for the 2015/16 season.


The conference and trade forum will involve more than 300 fruit and vegetable professionals from 15-18 countries, including many fruit and vegetable growers, processing enterprises, retail and wholesale trade representatives, and suppliers of seeds and plants, inputs, equipment and machinery.

More than 30 retail chains and wholesale companies will be involved in the international trade forum, promoting direct negotiations between fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers from Ukraine and many other countries.


There is also the possibility of presenting products and services at the B2B exposition Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014 with a total floor area of 165 sq m. This exhibition is an opportunity to showcase products of fruit and vegetable growers, suppliers of storage, handling solutions, agrichemistry, machinery, irrigation systems, packaging, seeds, plants and other inputs for the fruit and vegetable business.

More information can be found at: