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Prince de Bretagne celebrated 50 years at Paris’s Salon de l’Agriculture: new branding and events

Prince de Bretagne celebrated 50 years at Paris’s Salon de l'Agriculture: new branding and events, credit: Prince de Bretagne
© Prince de Bretagne


From February 22 to March 1, Prince de Bretagne was present for the second consecutive year in the aisles of the Salon International de l’Agriculture (international agricultural show), with its 120m² stand shaped like a giant tomato and cauliflower. It was an opportunity for the leader in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector to celebrate its 50th anniversary with consumers and to present its new ‘The Market Gardeners’ branding to the general public.

Stand focuses on the knowledge
and commitment of 2,000 market gardeners

More than 50 market gardeners were to visit the stand during the event to interact with consumers and answer all their questions. The stand has been designed to offer an educational and fun experience to the general public. Young and old alike were able to take advantage of different events to discover or rediscover the brand, its 50-year history, its commitments, the know-how of its market gardeners and its wide range of 100% Breton fresh fruit and vegetables:

  • Exclusive and fun for all the family:  an ‘enigma game’ based on the brand’s history 
  • A giant colouring to discover Brittany and its vegetables
  • To mark the 50th anniversary, the public will be able to take photos at the wheel of an authentic tractor from back in the day   
  • 360° immersion in cauliflower, artichoke and tomato crops thanks to virtual reality glasses
  • Tastings to discover modern, quick and tasty ways to consume our fruits and vegetables
  • A seasonality wheel and lots of other fun and goodies!

Several guilds were also featuring on the stand.

  • Tuesday February 25: Coco de Paimpol PDO guild was present.
  • Wednesday February 26: artichoke guild was present.
  • Thursday February 27: Roscoff onion PDO guild was present with a demonstration of onion plaiting

A strong brand created
by producers for consumers

The brand’s history has been punctuated by key dates in the organisation of its production and marketing: in 1961 SICA in St Pol-de-Léon was created with the first sales at the clock auction (to ensure fairer prices for market gardeners) and in 1965 CERAFEL (Regional Economic Committee for Breton Fruits and Vegetables) was created, marking the organisation of agriculture in Brittany with a regrouping of three departments on the region’s northern coast. Today, under the status of a producer group association, this grouping brings together seven cooperatives (including five involved in vegetable production using the Prince de Bretagne brand: Sica St Pol de Léon, UCPT, Terres de Saint Malo, Socoprim and Triskalia). And in 1970, the Prince de Bretagne brand was launched, driven by the desire of Breton vegetable producers to have a strong brand, synonymous with quality and recognised by the entire industry, including consumers.

Fifty years later, Prince de Bretagne comprises Breton market gardeners with a daily commitment to ‘growing better’ and ‘good eating’ with a range of 147 100% fresh fruit and vegetables.

The history of the network and its ambitions would not have been possible without a unique governance system in which market gardeners are the decision makers, from production through to marketing and including promotions and communication.

Market gardeners, natural commitment, passion for growing:
producers (always) at the heart of the brand

To celebrate 50 years, Prince de Bretagne has unveiled its new branding, ‘The Market Gardeners’,  accompanied by a new slogan, ‘Natural commitment, passion for growing’. This communication is centred on people and is in line with consumer expectations. The new Prince de Bretagne visual identity illustrates the dynamics of a network in constant pursuit of progress. To protect easy consumer recognition of the brand, Prince de Bretagne is retaining its red oval logo adorned with a green crown (a logo dating from 1995 and restyled in 2015). The ideas of taste and freshness used in previous branding are now well established among consumers. In an increasingly digital and globalised world, brand differentiation is now focused on the authenticity and the reality of the men and women who cultivate their soil with passion every day and are the origin of every fruit and vegetable sold by Prince de Bretagne. Their expertise is emphasised by two designations of origin, Coco de Paimpol PDO and Roscoff pink onions PDO.

One of the essential values cultivated by the group is solidarity between producers. Prince de Bretagne’s producers are pioneers in the field of agroecological market gardening, which is the fruit of refusing any opposition between different types of agriculture, conventional and organic, and stimulated by the passing on of intergenerational knowledge. “This new communication – Market gardeners, natural commitment, passion for growing – reaffirms our positioning and reflects our passion for our profession and commitment, of Prince de Bretagne market gardeners invested in responsible and sustainable agriculture,” explains Marc Keranguéven, President of CERAFEL Prince de Bretagne. These new graphics will be available on the various packaging options offered during the launch of the spring ranges.

Renewal of a brand that’s always invested:
new Sustainable Development and CSR commitments

After the 10 commitments listed in the Sustainable Development – Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, which earned the group the special jury prize in the 2018 CSR Challenges, Prince de Bretagne presents its new commitments:

  • ‘Contributing to the development of organic production’   

With 120 certified organic producers, Prince de Bretagne is currently France’s number one organic vegetable producer group. Organic market gardeners intend to continue their commitment to ‘good eating’ and broaden their range to reach an offer comprising more than 60 vegetables and annual production of 30,000 tonnes.

  • Limiting the impact of packaging

The ongoing rationalisation of packaging will continue, in particular with the replacement of plastic packaging with wood and cardboard solutions and the development of the use of generic packaging (more than 80% of vegetables are sold loose). Some 120 tonnes of plastics will be saved in 2020 compared to 2019. This is being achieved by switching from plastic trays to cardboard ones for organic vegetables, the whole range of tomatoes in trays at the start of the 2020 season and for the CSU of Traditional vegetables such as parsnips. In the tomato range alone, this represents an 80% reduction in plastic volumes in 2020!

  • ‘Strengthening our agroecological approach’ 

– The widest range of ‘Grown Without Pesticides’ vegetables: in three years, the ‘Grown Without Pesticides’ range already comprises six vegetables: tomatoes, Traditional shallots, squash, broccoli, Romanesco and cauliflower. That’s a total of 10,000 tonnes in 2019.

– High Environmental Value certification targets: 25% of open field farms in 2020, 50% in 2021 and 100% within two years; and 50% of protected crop farms certified in 2020 with a target of 100% in 2021.

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Zespri reveals bold new brand identity

Zespri Director Nathan Flowerday with Linda Mills (Chief Market Performance Officer), Dan Mathieson (CEO), Jiunn Shih (Chief Growth Officer) - © Zespri
5 February 2020


Zespri, the world’s leading marketer of kiwifruit, has unveiled its first new look in its 22-year history, with a refreshed brand providing a strong platform for the company to continue its recent growth.


Zespri Director Nathan Flowerday with Linda Mills (Chief Market Performance Officer), Dan Mathieson (CEO), Jiunn Shih (Chief Growth Officer) - © Zespri

Zespri Director Nathan Flowerday with Linda Mills (Chief Market Performance Officer), Dan Mathieson (CEO), Jiunn Shih (Chief Growth Officer) – © Zespri


With operating revenue of $3.14 billion in 2018/19, Zespri continues to make excellent progress towards its goal of reaching $4.5 billion in sales by 2025, driven by the commitment of its 2,800 New Zealand and 1,500 offshore growers to produce premium-quality kiwifruit.

Revealed at the world’s leading fresh produce exhibition, Berlin Fruit Logistica, the new brand better reflects the company’s purpose which is to help people, communities and the environment thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit.

The refresh includes a new brand vision, a new brand tagline and a new visual identity that captures the burst of flavour consumers get from biting into a Zespri Kiwifruit.

Chief Growth Officer Jiunn Shih says the New Zealand kiwifruit industry has invested significantly in developing the Zespri brand and the refresh was designed to position the company for its next phase of growth.

“We see evidence that consumers today are making more considered purchasing decisions and looking for brands that have a purpose and set of values that they can personally identify with.

“We’re proud of our purpose and our values, including our role as kaitiaki (guardians) for our future generations, and consumers can expect to see that increasingly brought through in our refreshed visual identity.”

Mr. Shih says the refresh had been an extensive process, including looking at how Zespri could better connect emotionally with consumers and build a stronger, more intuitive brand identity.

“We’re confident that our new brand will resonate not only with our loyal fans but pique the interest of new ones, helping differentiate Zespri in the fresh produce market so that we can continue to grow our share of the global fruit bowl.”

Customers and consumers will see a refreshed Zespri logo featuring the use of a green fan, inspired by the vibrant cross-section of a kiwifruit with different shades of green bursts, and a red wordmark reflecting the energy and dynamism of the Zespri brand.

Having worked extensively with some of the world’s leading market research agencies on the development and validation of the new brand direction, Zespri was delighted to see that in testing, the new logo was clearly recognised by regular Zespri users with higher predisposition to choose Zespri.

Mr. Shih says the refreshed brand also recognises the fact that consumers are increasingly health conscious, looking for snacking options that are healthy, tasty and natural. 

“Zespri Kiwifruit are not only among the world’s most nutritious fruits, but they also taste amazing, so consumers can make the better choice of reaching for a snack that is both healthy and delicious.

“And to celebrate the importance of being healthy, we’ve introduced a new tagline, empowering our people to ‘make your healthy irresistible’.”

The new brand will be progressively rolled out across Zespri packaging and collateral and enter markets from May 2020, with Zespri set to make its biggest ever investment in marketing in 2020 to ensure a strong brand impact and reach as many consumers as possible. 

The refresh follows the company’s operating revenue hitting $3 billion for the first time, and its announcement in late 2019 that Zespri is commercialising a new red kiwifruit variety which will play an important role in attracting even more consumers to the kiwifruit category. The company will also host its industry conference – Momentum 2020: Standing Up and Standing Out – next week in New Zealand, which will introduce how Zespri is transforming to a future proof organisation in a fast-changing environment.

“This is a really exciting time for Zespri and our industry on the back of the strong growth we’ve seen and the increasing global demand for nutritious products like our Zespri Kiwifruit.

“We can’t wait to share our new look with growers and consumers, and look forward to helping even more people, communities and the environment around the world thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit in the years ahead”, Mr. Shih says.


Source: Press Release
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Ecuador to launch ‘Premium and Sustainable’ brand at Fruit Logistica 2020

Ecuador to launch ‘Premium and Sustainable’ brand at Fruit Logistica 2020
Launching event in Ecuador.

The trade show’s Partner Country will bring its largest and most diverse delegation yet, featuring senior government dignitaries and 38 produce grower-exporters across a 600m2 pavilion.

Ecuador’s Minister of Agriculture, Mr Xavier Lazo, will launch the ‘Ecuador: Premium And Sustainable’ fresh produce brand at Fruit Logistica 2020, during the Latin American country’s biggest-ever participation at the world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable trade fair, on 5-7 February 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

The brand, which will accompany Ecuador’s highest quality produce exports to Europe, is based on five pillars within the country’s agricultural vision:

  1. New Cooperativism: A new form of association to help progress the agricultural sector;
  2. Rural Women Empowerment and Rural Young Entrepreneur: Empowering women in family agriculture, as well as fostering the rural youth to use their creativity and innovation to solve problems and improve production in the agricultural sector;
  3. Zero Deforestation: Implementing deforestation-free practices in the agricultural sector;
  4. Productivity, Quality and Traceability: Showing the story behind each product; in other words, when and where the product was produced, and by whom; and
  5. Zero Rural Poverty: This is the main goal; to achieve progress in rural areas in order to put a stop to poverty; assuring an Ecuador with success, hope and progress – an Ecuador: Premium And Sustainable.

Ecuadorian produce supplied under the Ecuador: Premium And Sustainable banner will enter the most demanding consumer markets distinguished by its social and environmental sustainability and its premium quality. The logo is inspired by the ‘Chakana’, or Southern Cross, and serves to illustrate the five pillars of Ecuador’s agricultural sector; reflecting the country’s agricultural vision for the next 10 years.

Minister Lazo will present the marque at Fruit Logistica during a press conference on Wednesday 5 February at 11.30am in the Press Center, Hall 6.3, Room B, to demonstrate the real action undertaken across Ecuador to modernize fruit production processes, strengthen quality controls and raise sustainability efforts, particularly within the banana sector.

In celebration of being named the official Fruit Logistica Partner Country for 2020, Ecuador is bringing to Berlin its biggest-ever delegation, including the Vice-President of Ecuador, Mr Otto Sonnenholzner; Ecuador’s Minister of Production, International Trade, Investment and Fishery, Mr Ivan Ontaneda; and Ecuador’s Environment Minister, Mr Raúl Ledesma.

Also present for Ecuador’s 18th appearance at the international produce exhibition will be trade organisations PRO ECUADOR, CORPEI (Ecuadorian Corporation of Exports Promotion and Investments) the Ecuadorian banana cluster (formed by banana associations AEBE, Acorbanec and Agroban), Ecuador’s National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIAP) and Ecuador’s Phytosanitary and Animal Health Control and Regulation Agency (Agrocalidad).

Across the three-day show, suppliers will seek to establish new contacts in both the wholesale and retail channels, and especially with importers seeking high quality and sustainable produce. As a result of Fruit Logistica 2020, Ecuador estimates it will generate sales of more than US$21.8 million.

In recognition of Ecuador’s status as the largest banana exporter in the world, half of Ecuador’s overall delegation will comprise suppliers of bananas, baby bananas, red bananas and plantain. Furthermore, as Ecuador’s continues to diversify its commercial fruit export offer, a greater number of suppliers will showcase produce including: pineapples, mangoes, Hass avocados, dragon fruit, physalis, papayas and pepino melon, among others. All products to be presented are grown under the Ecuador: Premium And Sustainable banner.

Following the ‘Ecuador: Premium And Sustainable’ press conference on Wednesday 5 February, PRO ECUADOR will launch its ‘Exquisite Ecuador’ website, which showcases Ecuadorian gastronomy using exotic fruits. PRO ECUADOR’s Vice-Minister Veronica Chávez and Ecuadorian Chef Carlos Gallardo will make the announcement at the PRO ECUADOR stand in Hall 23, E-08, at 12.10pm. A drinks and canapé reception will follow, allowing attendees the opportunity to try Ecuadorian cuisine.

For more information in English or Spanish about the ‘Ecuador: Premium And Sustainable’ brand, visit:


PRO ECUADOR is the promotional arm for exports and investment of Ecuador’s Vice-Ministry for Export and Investment Promotion, and Ecuador’s Ministry for Production, International Trade, Investment and Fishery. PRO ECUADOR operates a network of trade offices worldwide.

Source: Press release
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Coregeo takes on European brand licensing and marketing for Bimi

Coregeo will now be responsible for the trade and consumer marketing strategy and management for Bimi and plans to work with European licensees and retailers to grow the brand.

From April, brand management expert Coregeo will take over the European brand licensing and marketing for Bimi, building on its success with sister brand Tenderstem.

The Chinese kale and broccoli hybrid is better-known as Tenderstem in the UK, while Bimi is the brand name in mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Coregeo has been responsible for the marketing of Tenderstem since 2005 and has seen sustained growth in volume and value year-on-year, which Coregeo’s chief marketing officer, Michelle Toft partly attributes to an integrated and brand-focused marketing strategy.

As an extension of its relationship with the brand owner Sakata, Coregeo will now be responsible for the trade and consumer marketing strategy and management for Bimi and plans to work with European licensees and retailers to grow the brand, the UK-based fresh produce brand marketing specialist said in a press release.

Sakata’s European sales & marketing director Andrew Dominy, said: “Sakata is proud to expand its relationship with Coregeo as we bring these two brands, Tenderstem and Bimi together for a more unified approach across the European territory.”

The Bimi master licensing deal is Coregeo’s first pan-European contract and marks a significant development for the Kent-based team whose work for Tenderstem, which includes an innovative fully-integrated consumer marketing campaign and extensive trade marketing support, has enabled the brand to become the 4th largest fresh produce brand in the UK.

Coregeo Ltd is also the UK’s Master Licensor for leading the Pink Lady apple brand.