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EU gives nod to ‘Brabantse Wal asperges’ asparagus PDO

Dutch ‘Brabantse Wal asperges’ asparagus - famed for having a soft, mild, slightly salty flavour with little or no bitterness - is now covered by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the same name.

Slightly salty and very rarely bitter, the clear white Dutch ‘Brabantse Wal asperges’ asparagus is now covered by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the same name.

Registered by the European Commission on February 17, the PDO covers this asparagus grown over about 40ha in the ‘Brabantse Wal’, located in the southwestern corner of North Brabant, a province in the central south of mainland Netherlands.

The length of the asparagus varies between 20-24 cm and is placed on the market with 3 gradings in class 1 according to its thickness. In order to guarantee quality, freshness and the regional link of the asparagus, once harvested it must be refrigerated at 4°C within four hours.

The application says this asparagus is sold to consumers and the catering trade in different units of weight: unpeeled in plastic sacks or peeled in sealed plastic trays.

“ ‘Brabantse Wal asperges’ have a soft, mild flavour with little or no bitterness. The initial taste varies from salty to slightly sweet in some cases. Their refined aroma, with no dominant notes, allows them to be prepared in many different ways and used as an ingredient in a wide range of dishes. It is this taste that distinguishes ‘Brabantse Wal asperges’ from other asparagus,” it says.

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