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Bionest, now offers year-round blueberries

Bionest, now offers year-round blueberries, © Bionest
© Bionest


Bionest has taken a leap in its production and will now offer its customers blueberries throughout the entire year. “This campaign, we will strengthen our ties with suppliers and customers by importing blueberry from South America to supplement our production and offer a year-round supply,” said Thomas Cera, marketing manager. Moreover, for the first time, Bionest will offer blackberry for ten months of the year. This allows the firm to offer mixed packaging formats made up of mini-kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and goji berry. These tubs containing two or three different products add value and can also be marketed in more sustainable packaging. “We have cardboard packaging made from cellulose and kraft, and heat-sealed made from cardboard or cellulose, which requires a minimum amount of plastic use and is also compostable,” said Cera. Meanwhile, Bionest is presenting its new strawberry and raspberry varieties to several selected clients. These products should be launched by the end of 2020.

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Bionest, celebrates 25 years of organics

Bionest baja calidad

The leading Spanish producer of organic berries, Bionest, celebrates 25 years in the market by conducting for the first time a varietal selection of berries exclusively focused on organic production. The selection is especially focused on the flavour, rusticity and nutritional value of the varieties.

Commercial director, Thomas Cera, said, “We invest in research and development to continue offering the sector’s best organic varieties to the most demanding customers. Excellent taste and shelf life are our main objectives. We have a new testing field that allows us to select the varieties that best suit the needs of our customers, as well as new controlled atmosphere and ozone systems.” The company’s production exceeds 7,500 tons, of which 2,000 tons are strawberries, 1,500 tons are raspberries and 2,000 tons are blueberries. Bionest’s strawberry season is currently in full-swing, having opted for varieties with longer shelf life and better flavour. The raspberry harvest is also about to begin, with production expected to increase by 15% on last year’s level. Despite the slight delay, blueberry output will also be higher, thanks to the introduction of new varieties to boost consumption. Meanwhile, Bionest has multiplied its packaging formats, which range in size from 70 g to 500 g. The company serves supermarkets in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and is in its third year working with clients in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where it intends to consolidate its market position.

The Soltero Pardo family has worked in agriculture for more than two decades, having decided in 1992 to produce organic berries and found Bionest. After 25 years of commercial activity, the company was renamed Berrynest SAT H-0023, and is today the leading Spanish producer of organic berries in the European market. All of the firm’s farms are located in the province of Huelva, Andalusia, Spain.

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