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Barakat offers over 1,500 healthy items and sustainable goals in 2021

Barakat with more than 1,500 healthy references, sustainable goals in 2021

The world largest manufacturer of non-preserved fresh juices increases its sourcing programme from local growers, multiplies its healthy innovations and customises its product assortment.

It is that time of the year again when resolutions abound – like a fresh, healthy start! “Make good on this resolution with Barakat’s fresh juices, cut fruits, healthy shots, ice pops and more,” said managing director, Kenneth D’costa.

Barakat’s promise to its customers has been to serve the best of fresh, from the choicest fruits and veggies from across the globe to 100%-fresh juices with no additives or preservatives. Every Barakat product stands true to this commitment, which means customers can rest assured that their nutritional needs will always be served by this brand.

The need for immunity boosting is more pressing than ever before with the pandemic still enveloping the globe. Barakat’s 60ml healthy shots featuring super foods, like ginger, turmeric, moringa etc., give you a significant dose of immunity and are a perfect health-in-a bottle grab and go option.

“You are what you eat” best defines the link between food and wellness. Active lifestyles and potentially hazardous health conditions due to elevated stress levels are real time issues in today’s world. The requirement for a nutritionally balanced meal that can heal and treat from within is best delivered by fresh and healthy natural produce. “Eat your rainbow” essentially means that the more colour on your plate from various fruits and vegetables, the healthier you become. Nature provides nourishment in plenty and Barakat packages them in tasty and delectable forms like juices, crunchy salads and treats like ice pops which are nothing but frozen juices. There are also specialised ranges like the keto range to satisfy specific dietary requirements.

Barakat also believes in promoting the best of fresh from local sources by supporting 40-50 local growers. A wide variety of 40 types of fruits and vegetables spanning mushrooms, greens, tomato, peppers, and cucumbers are available from local farms in the UAE.

Eco-friendly initiatives & investments in hydroponics represent a key focus for the company over the next few years. Barakat is partnering with Tadweer, a strategic partner for waste management with the Dubai Municipality to turn peels into green compost, a multi-purpose conditioner for the soil. Barakat’s state-of-the-art facilities achieved zero-effluent status for the year 2020 and Barakat has taken the pledge to recycle the equivalent of 11,000 trees a year of cardboard used across its 6 state-of-the-art facilities and corporate offices.

Largest range of healthy line, customized solutions for Expo 2021

The firm’s core belief is to make its customers the “healthiest version of themselves”, by serving them in locations like health clubs, fitness centres and spas, as well as regular retail channels with health and wellness products that include Keto and juice shots amongst others. Barakat’s communication campaigns highlight the link between food and wellness while delivering the message of “Best of Fresh”. These philosophies will now be reflected in the events and activations that the brand participates in.

Exotics, organics, retail & e-commerce new business lines

Barakat is investing heavily in delivering to your doorstep while also strengthening its presence in traditional outlet channels. “We have launched an app and enhanced our e-commerce platform for an optimal customer experience bringing convenience and the ease of ordering together. We will continue to extend our range to include ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals, wellness juices, breakfast pots and natural chilled desserts,” said D’costa.

Consumer trends indicate the need for natural, fresh and clean products that offer convenience on customers’ doorsteps. “New product development at Barakat has always been guided with the basic philosophy of nothing but the best of fresh and natural for our consumers. We are also mindful of all our initiatives being sustainable and are constantly improving processes, making infrastructural changes to become a fully sustainable brand,” said D’costa.

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Barakat Group, leading supplier of fresh F&V and largest manufacturer of Fresh Fruit Juices

Barakat Group, leading supplier of fresh F&V and largest manufacturer of Fresh Fruit Juices

Barakat was established in 1976 and is GCC region’s pioneering supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced globally with an emphasis on premium quality and superior service satisfying the needs of Premium Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail chains, Airlines and Royal Palaces in  UAE.

Barakat Vegetables & Fruits Company is the legacy business and is primarily involved in fresh produce import and distribution with operating entities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Barakat Group expanded its operation in 2002 to establish Barakat Quality Plus, a pioneer in developing “fresh juice Category” in UAE by addressing the need of the hospitality sector to get a consistent supply of daily freshly squeezed juices and over the last 15+ years has further expanded to serve as extended kitchen for F&B industry by developing hot kitchen items, processed fruits and vegetables, salads, ice creams and many more product categories with 2 state of the art production facilities in Jebel Ali and also recently started, its new online platform to meet B2C demand.

“Quality, Consistency of product and availability throughout the year is key to our success.  We work closely with UAE Food Controls Authority and Dubai Municipality to setup and raise standards for regulating the fresh product category. All of Barakat’s facilities have ‘A’ grade certification from Dubai Municipality and are ISO 22000 & HACCP certified. In addition, Barakat Quality Plus facility is FSSC 22000, and ISO 9001 certified and is HALAL accredited” said Rajesh Desai Managing Director. Barakat Group of Companies

“What we do is driven by our mission, to ‘help people become the healthiest versions of themselves’, effortlessly, by consuming the freshest of fruits and vegetables plus daily freshly squeezed juices that are free from any preservatives and additives. We want our consumers to #live healthy, #live fresh” said Rajesh.

“We are an innovative organization, the talent & passion of our chefs, nutritionists and foodies help us to craft a wide variety of tasty and healthy propositions that any consumer focussing on health or refreshment will relish” Rajesh exclaimed, The “healthy shots” of 60ml are made from traditional ingredients known for their health benefits e.g. ginger, turmeric, aloe vera, spirulina, moringa etc. In addition the detox, Keto and regular range of fresh juices are available in more than 850 blends and there are 283 variants of ice creams!

In addition to fresh juices, Barakat has also developed FROZEN fruit juices in key variants with a shelf life of 6 months which when defrosted is as good as “fresh juice”. Barakat’s juice products are available in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Australia, Maldives and Seychelles.   

Barakat team works tirelessly to bring nature’s abundance and present it to their consumers in its purest, freshest and tastiest form every day. Bringing the natural goodness of the world’s finest fruits and vegetables is Barakat’s hallmark and with a strong heritage and brand recognition built over 4 decades , Barakat is the preferred partner for any principal looking to distribute products in UAE from the traditional to the exotic, from the essential to the unique.

The supply  and cold chain of Barakat is one of the best in region. Upon receiving the produce, highly qualified Quality Assurance & Control team tests each batch for conformity with set standards and these are distributed daily to > 3000 customers in a window of 5 hours thru its 350 strong fleet of well maintained, temperature-controlled vehicles.

 “Barakat operates as an ‘extended kitchen’ for its customers with capability to deliver anything fresh within hours”.

Barakat also lends support to local farmers in distributing their produce and educate them on quality, handling and distribution supporting the UAE government initiative to develop food security and reduce waste within UAE. Barakat believes in ‘responsible sourcing’ and insists that all stakeholders in its supply-chain upholds the responsible sourcing policy.

Barakat’s CSR strategy aligns with its Mission “to help people become the healthiest version of themselves” and consequently it has partnered with UAE regulatory authorities in their “School and Nutrition program” which encourages use of fresh and natural ingredients in meal preparation and educates students at a young age on sustainability and healthy living

Barakat is committed to environmental sustainability and is constantly making improvements in its consumptions of electricity for refrigeration, water usage etc. to reduce Carbon footprint through efficient Water Treatment and Waste Management. Barakat has also embarked on a journey to introduce “eco-friendly’ initiatives such as use of recycled and biodegradable packaging. Barakat’s associated agricultural solar farm in Sharjah is the largest single-site microgrid farm located in the UAE.

Barakat is poised to grab opportunities at EXPO 2020 and has tied up with some country pavilions offering them customized preparation with new range of soups, salads, hot meals, breakfast pots and many more. “Tell us what you want, and we will provide it to you” says Rajesh very confidently.

Please reach out to Manish at or Prapthi at to inquire more on Barakat Group.

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Barakat Quality Plus adopts shift work to better serve hospitality sector

Part of Barakat Group, BQP produces cut vegetables and fruits, ice cream and fruit juice. It has 95 varieties of juices and 200 different ice creams flavours. It is also retailing soups and salads.

The newest development at UAE-based food and beverage company Barakat Quality Plus (BQP) is that the company has introduced shift work. This move reflects the company’s focus on hotels, which account for 75% of turnover received overnight, according to BQP managing director Michael Wunsch. Among the advantages of the change is that BQP’s fleet, which was previously only in operation for 8 hours, is now better used. Also, the long queues in receival areas and dense traffic in the city during day can be avoided at night, Wunsch said.

Growth in airlines business

BQP’s turnover is directly linked to the hospitality sector and 2015 has not been a year of growth. Summer tourism in the UAE declined about 20%, mainly because Ramadan is now in summer. Also the high value of the US dollar against the euro affected tourism from Europe.

However, BQP’s business with airlines is growing every year by about 5% and it has a new business with its own vending machines, starting with 25 machines, mainly in hospitals and government offices offering juices and salads. All the investment and operations are done by BQP itself.

Part of Barakat Group, BQP produces cut vegetables and fruits, ice cream and fruit juice. It has 95 varieties of juices and 200 different ice creams flavours. It is also retailing soups and salads.

BQP going public

Another key development is that BQP is going public. Forty percent of its capital will be listed in an IPO (initial public offering.) Also, it is investing in a new logistic centre serving both its factories, one objective of which is to facilitate its night deliveries.