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Potential for fresh fruit exports to Bangalore

Ffresh fruit is among products with the best prospects in Bangalore, India


Fresh fruit is among the products offering the best import prospects for US companies in India’s fifth-biggest city, Bangalore, says the USDA.

This fast growing market serves as a test market for many companies wishing to export their products and/or establish partnerships in India, it says in the GAIN report “Bangalore, Emerging Growth Market”.

“Bangalore market holds potential for imported U.S. food and agricultural products as its population becomes more familiar with international food brands and cuisines via food and beverage retail and food service providers.”

In regard to the retail sector, fresh fruit is listed among other products including edible oils, rice, pulses, spices, snack foods (savouries and sweets) and dessert mixes as having the best prospects.

It also said there is growing potential in Bangalore’s hotel and restaurant sector, particularly for fresh fruit, sauces, condiments, and bakery/confectionary ingredients.

How imported food reaches Bangalore

Imported consumer food products are usually transshipped through regional trading hubs such as Dubai and Singapore, as importers work in mixed consignments.

Most importers are based in Mumbai, Delhi, or Chennai and have distributors who supply retailers, hotels, and restaurants on a daily basis.

Imported food and beverage products distributed in Bangalore generally arrive via road or rail from Mumbai or Chennai ports. Some high-value and perishable food products are air freighted to the Bangalore airport, the report says.


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Quality, freshness matter more than price

Bangaloreans generally have a preference for product quality and freshness over price. Their retail stores carry a wide range of international and domestic products. Imported food products are available in all categories from fresh fruit to sauces, dressings and marinades, ingredients, noodles, flours, biscuits and cookies, snack foods and beverages.


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