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Aweta’s advanced quality control and packing systems


Ideal for ready-to-eat or ripe fruit, the AFS system is based on acoustic firmness resonance. It analyses vibration patterns to determine maturity level (Brix grade) and can also identify possible internal defects. “Consumers choose by appearance, so the sorting needs to be done internally to fully satisfy them with good eating qualities,” said Norman van der Gaag, sales manager at Aweta. “The year-round supply of ripe tropical fruit requires imports of many origins and qualities, which implies a second selection needs to be made.” Developed 12 years ago for apples, the technology has also been used successfully for the last 5 years for subtropical fruit, mainly mangoes and avocados, as well as pears and stone fruit. More than 200 machines have already been supplied with internal scanning by Aweta.
Flex Filler and Q-pack automated packing
Packing automation is another major development at Aweta and reduces labor and the manual handling of products. Flex Filler is the best solution for most fruit, such as apples and pears, stone fruit and avocados. The unique concept is based on heads which enter a box and smoothly fill it from the bottom part of the head, which gradually opens. The automation also generates an increase in productivity and allows full traceability of the product by box unit, in the most optimum and fruit friendly way.  A specific packing line has also been created for cucumbers. Called Q-pack, it can pack 6,000 cucumbers an hour. “A Q-pack line pays for itself in 3-5 years, depending on use, compared with the ongoing cost of hand packing,” Norman explained. “Both systems are unique in the market and the top performers,” he said. Several Flex Filler lines are already in use in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the UK and Spain.