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Altroconsumo names best retailers in Italy

Altroconsumo names best retailers in Italy
Photo: Altroconsumo

Italian consumers’ association Altroconsumo has announced its retail awards for 2020/21. Despar was the winner in the supermarket category, while Esselunga was recognised in the hypermarkets & superstores category, and Eurospin was the winner in the discount supermarkets category. In the online retail category, Coop was the winner among the supermarkets, and Esselunga won once again the hypermarket & superstore category.

There was also a section based on customer satisfaction. The awards are based on a survey conducted with around 1,600 customers, with 85% of respondents saying that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the stores where they go shopping, with discount stores and hypermarkets faring slightly better than supermarkets (87% versus 83%). First place overall went to Iper La grande I (96% of customers report being satisfied), ahead of Esselunga (94%), Coop.Fi and Ipercoop (92%) and discounters Eurospin (91%), Aldi (90%), Lidl (87 %) and In’s (87%).


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5 a Day awards recognise work of Eurofresh Distribution

5 a Day awards recognise work of Eurofresh Distribution


The XIV edition of the “5 a day” Awards will take place on March 10 in a hybrid format. The event is sponsored by Euro Pool System España, Patatas Meléndez and UNIQ and with the collaboration of Mercamadrid and Fruit Attraction. The winners will be able to attend in person, in full compliance with all Covid-19 security measures, with the rest of the attendees able to follow the event through a streaming platform.

On this occasion, in addition to rewarding the commitment of the entities that support the “5 a day” message, there will be recognition of the work of the entities of the fruit and vegetable sector that have proven to be one of the most important engines important parts of Spain by ensuring the supply of healthy and safe food to the entire population and accurate and up-to-date information regarding Covid-19.

The winners of this edition are:

  1. Children’s Category: EL DULZE GROWERS, SL for its multimedia project Mundo Carakuato, which aims to promote healthy life and promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables through an educational video game, adapted to a mobile device, web format and tablet.
  2. Society Category: the Association to Promote the Consumption of Broccoli + BROCOLI, which reflects in all its activities a commitment to spread the importance of healthy habits by promoting fruits and vegetables in general and broccoli in particular.
  3. Disclosure Category: This year, this component is a very emotional one for the association, which wanted to reward all the communication media in the sector that collaborate closely with 5 a day and the important role of information about Covid-19 during 2020. The winners are:
  • Publications Agricoles with its publication EUROFRESH DISTRIBUTION
  • AECOC with its publication CODE 84
  • Agrifood Communication with its publication QCOM.ES
  • Fruit Today with its publication FRUIT TODAY MAGAZINE
  • Editorial Agrícola España with its AGRICULTURE MAGAZINE
  • Horto del Poniente with its FYH MAGAZINE
  • Infoagro System with its publication INFOAGRO.COM
  • Lameyer with his publication MARKET MAGAZINE
  • Siete Agromarketing with its publication eCOMERCIO AGRARIO
  • Sucro with its publication VALENCIA FRUITS


Congratulations to all winners, who will meet on March 10 at the ceremony for the XIV edition of the “5 a day” Awards.

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Entire Sweet Palermo® range receives ‘Taste of the Year 2021’ award

Entire Sweet Palermo® range receives ‘Taste of the Year 2021’ award
Photo: Rijk Zwann

For the second year in a row, Spanish consumers have awarded Sweet Palermo, the dulce Italiano of Rijk Zwaan, with the ‘Taste of the Year’ seal of approval. After putting forward only the red variety of Sweet Palermo as a contender for the award in 2020, for 2021 we submitted our entire range: the colours red, yellow and chocolate. We are delighted to announce that all three colours were successful and may now display the ‘Taste of the Year 2021’ label, which is awarded for products that stand out on the shelves thanks to their unique and appealing flavour. The result was determined by a critical independent jury of consumers, who were impressed by the quality of Sweet Palermo compared with other varieties.

‘Taste of the Year’ is the only seal of approval based exclusively on a product’s flavour qualities, as tested by consumers. The Global Quality Group has been coordinating the award of these labels for more than 13 years in Spain and 20 years elsewhere in Europe.

Consumers prefer Sweet Palermo

A sensory study in the pepper category, carried out by ALS Global Iberia, revealed outstanding overall satisfaction regarding Sweet Palermo. This recognition is particularly valuable since ALS Global Iberia is an independent sensory analysis laboratory that works with a panel of 80 Spanish consumers who regularly buy and eat peppers.

The evaluation included the taste, appearance, aroma and texture of the entire Sweet Palermo range in the colours red, yellow and chocolate. The results of the sensory study revealed outstanding scores in terms of consumer preference and acceptance of Sweet Palermo.

“This new recognition is important for the Sweet Palermo brand as it confirms consumer trust in both the brand and the characteristic flavour and quality of our range,” says Javier García Rigol, Chain Specialist at Rijk Zwaan Ibérica.

The Sweet Experience

Sweet Palermo is deliciously sweet with thin skin and hardly any seeds on the inside, plus it is extremely versatile and very high in vitamin C. These characteristics have made it the consumer’s favourite, as confirmed by the ‘Taste of the Year 2021’ award. The entire range of Sweet Palermo has year-round availability.

Adding a new award to sweet palermo´s list

2012: Best Sweet Pepper in the Netherlands, award in Foodlog’s New Fresh category

2015: Product of the Year 2015 in Fresh Market category, Poland

2018: FICA Summer Event, Netherlands – recipe for red Sweet Palermo with chocolate

2020: Taste of the Year 2020, Spain

2020: Superior Taste Awards including three stars for the yellow version, International Taste Institute (recognition by the world’s most prestigious chefs), Belgium

2021: Taste of the Year 2021 for entire Sweet Palermo range, Spain

To discover #TheSweetColours, visit the website:

Choose your colour, enjoy its taste!

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Interpoma Startup Award, nominated the finalists

Interpoma Startup Award, nominated the finalists


                                                                                                                                                                                  Press Release

Space for quality innovation at Interpoma Connects – Digital Days for the Apple Economy, the digital appointment dedicated to the apple organized by Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center on 19 and 20 November. Among the initiatives that will take place during the two days is Interpoma Startup Award, dedicated to the most innovative startups in the agricultural and apple sector and which will culminate with the online award ceremony, in which the 13 companies selected as finalists will take part.   

Bolzano, 12th November 2020 – Innovation, technology, digitization: these are the key words of the new digital format of Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center dedicated to the apple sector, Interpoma Connects – Digital Days for the Apple Economy, scheduled on 19th and 20th November. In addition to Interpoma Congress and Interpoma Business Match, the other initiative in the two-day program will see as protagonists the most innovative realities of the international agricultural panorama, the Interpoma Startup Award.

Over the past few months, many startups have responded to the call of Bolzano/Bozen Exhibition Center and WhatAVenture to participate in the virtual space dedicated to high quality innovation in the agricultural and apple sector, which will allow professionals and opinion leaders to learn about the latest novelties in the sector and establish new business relationships. There are 13 realities that have won the opportunity to be virtually present and that will compete for the Interpoma Startup Award, the prize for the best startup. On November 20th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the 13 selected startups will present themselves online in front of the jury of experts: they will have two minutes for the pitch and three minutes of questions and answers with the jury. After that, the jury of experts will evaluate and nominate the winner, who will be entitled to a free booth at Interpoma 2021, from 4 to 6 November.

Here are the 13 finalist startups:


xFarm is an Italian startup that aims at the digitization of agriculture, providing innovative tools that can support producers and professionals in the supply chain in the management of companies. Its strengths are ease of use, intuitiveness and perfect adaptability to agricultural realities. The digital ecosystem includes an application, a dashboard Analytics and a line of IoT sensors.


Agranimo (Germany) produces wireless real-time microclimate sensors and provides a platform for data analysis and visualization to increase farm productivity and climate adaptation in the agro-food supply chain.


AGROROBOTICA (Italy) has designed SpyFly, a robotic monitoring system that helps the farmer to monitor his crops in real time by reducing his presence in the field. Each SpyFly trap is independently powered by solar panels and, in addition to attracting, capturing and recognizing pests, is able to collect a series of atmospheric data that, once correlated to the recorded attack phenomena, can create behavioral and predictive models.


ODIS is a young start-up from South Tyrol (Italy) that develops and markets innovative solutions for irrigation and agriculture. It offers battery-powered sensors and devices that allow remote control and monitoring from the smartphone. Their solution is useful to optimize irrigation and ensure optimal results from a distance, saving time and concern for farmers.


SOUTH AGRO is an Italian startup that produces biostimulants obtained from seaweed extracts to improve the quality and quantity of crops thanks to an increase in plant resistance to climatic stress.


BrioAgro (Spain) is a tailor-made tool for farmers. Through a 24-hour monitoring system, the farmer receives real-time information on the main variables in which he can intervene to improve his crops and integrate with agricultural irrigation systems.


Agrin (Italy) is a multidisciplinary group of professionals (agronomists, biologists, engineers and chemists) whose passion is to find solutions to maximize the economic, environmental and social sustainability of agriculture, industry and agroindustry. Numerous studies have shown that one of the main sources of surface and groundwater pollution is the inadequate washing of sprayers and tractors. The system they have developed can solve this problem in a sustainable way.


Pixofarm is an Austrian mobile application that, by taking pictures of a number of apples, allows you to get real time information about the state of the fruit and to make forecasts about the final results, having a continuous control.


Senorics is a high-tech spin-off of the University of Technology Dresden (Germany). Specializing in the design and manufacture of spectroscopic optical sensor solutions for mass applications, they have also applied this technology in agriculture, specifically to enable apple producers and distributors to determine the ideal harvest window and ideal ripening of their apples. 


Trapview is a monitoring and forecasting platform for insect pests developed by the Slovenian company Efos. Automated electronic traps allow efficient monitoring of insect pests and are almost maintenance-free.


BioLogik-Systems (Italy) has developed and patented a technology that respects the principle of circular economy and allows to recycle nutrients in the form of compost and to produce thermal energy without any combustion. The technology is a user friendly, economical and ecological solution. The startup is one of the pioneers of compost heat recovery systems creating an ideal turnkey solution for the cultivation of fruit, grapes and olives.


Semios (Canada) is a full-service crop management platform. It provides real-time crop data and pest management tools and helps farmers manage pests, diseases, frost and irrigation. The powerful wireless network of in-canopy sensors, variable speed pheromone dispensers and camera traps with automatic pest counting provides farmers with the tools to predict and respond to insect, disease and tree health conditions in real time.


Fresh Agriculture Technologies (Serbia) has developed the first artificial intelligence digital agronomy consultant MapMyApple. MapMyApple helps small and medium apple growers to predict pests and diseases on time (7 days in advance) and save money by optimizing the number of spraying activities. MapMyApple is available on the market through Google Play and Apple store.

For further information:

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REDI broccoli wins Fruit Attraction Innovation Hub Awards in Fresh Produce category

REDI broccoli wins Fruit Attraction Innovation Hub Awards in Fresh Produce category
© Eurofresh Distribution


Bejo Iberica’s REDI broccoli was crowned winner of Fruit Attraction’s Innovation Hub Awards in the Fresh Produce category, beating 10 other finalists. REDI is a vegetable with unique attributes that will add colour and originality to any meal. It is characterised not only by being extremely healthy, but also by its unique taste and striking appearance. Its high levels of naturally occurring glucosinolate compounds make REDI extraordinarily healthy. REDI has purple shoots, which consist of tender stems that end in tiny flowerheads. Its colour contains more antioxidant compounds than normal broccoli, thus consolidating and enhancing its reputation as a power food.

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Publix named top US supermarket for customer service

Publix named top US supermarket for customer service


Publix has been named the best US supermarket in Newsweek’s Best Customer Service 2021 list. In a joint project between Newsweek and Statista to identify the stores that consistently provide the best customer service, over 25,000 US customers were surveyed.

Supermarkets were ranked on their net promoter score and five evaluation criteria (quality of communication, professional competence, range of services, customer focus and accessibility). The winner Publix (8.79) was followed by Wegmans (8.62), Trader Joe’s (8.57), Sprouts (8.54), and The Fresh Market (8.35).

Publix director of communications, Maria Brous, said, “We are honoured to be recognised with this award by our customers. Publix associates work hard to treat our customers like royalty, and we’re grateful to be acknowledged for customer service excellence in our industry.”

In other categories, AmazonFresh came out top in the online supermarkets, followed by FreshDirect and Shipt. In the convenience store category, Wawa secured top spot, followed by QuikTrip and Sheetz. In the superstores and warehouse club stores category, Costco came first, followed by Meijer and Sam’s Club. In the meal kit services category, Home Chef came first, Martha was second and Marley Spoon was third. 

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Tesco named South African Stone Fruit Retailer of the Year 

Tesco named South African Stone Fruit Retailer of the Year 


UK retailer Tesco has been recognised by the South African stone fruit sector for its strong performance and promotional support during the 2019-20 season. South African growers’ association Hortgro presents the Stone Fruit Retailer of the Year prize to a UK supermarket each year. According to a statement by Hortgro, Tesco saw a noticeable increase in sales this season, with the retailer selling over three million kilos of South African stone fruit across its stores, with nectarines faring particularly well. 

The retailer organised a range of activities during the campaign, including online promotions, competitions in its staff magazine, and sampling at its head office, featuring South African Supersweet nectarines and peaches, and the ever-popular Flavorking plum variety.

Oliver Bruton, assistant buyer of fresh produce at Tesco, said, “Stone fruit is popular with our customers and we continuously strive to offer high quality produce. South Africa is our biggest sourcing region in the Southern Hemisphere and is an important country in helping us to deliver this. Within our stone fruit range nectarines and peaches remain consistently popular, with Supersweet plums also performing well. South Africa is a strong growing region. We work closely with suppliers in the region to plan effectively, and in the face of some challenges it is still able to deliver quality produce. Whether it’s through our own-label Suntrail range or our premium Tesco Supersweet brand, we aim to provide a strong range of stone fruit to suit all budgets.”


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GLOBALG.A.P. Opens Applications for G.A.P. Awards 2022

GLOBALG.A.P. Opens Applications for G.A.P. Awards 2022
G.A.P. Awards 2018 /// PRESS RELEASE


Innovative Solutions with a Positive Impact 

Cologne, Germany – GLOBALG.A.P. announced this week that applications are now open for the G.A.P. Awards 2022.  

Applications for G.A.P. Awards 2022

The G.A.P. Awards give farmers from around the world an opportunity to showcase their achievements and gain industry recognition for their efforts to implement good agricultural practices. The judges look for applicants who have developed unique, innovative solutions that make a positive impact on not only their farms and revenues, but also their workers, the environment, and the community. They also seek producers who have been pioneers of change and are the first to implement related policies in their country.  

“We know how difficult it is for farmers all over the world to provide us with high-quality food around the clock despite the COVID-19 crisis, as well as being there for their families and still investing in the future and further development. Our respect goes out to all those who are tirelessly there for us. We would love to hear from as many farmers as possible. Please apply for our G.A.P. Awards and show us how you are coping with current and future challenges.” said Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P. 

Only GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard certified producers and producer groups (including any programs involving one or more certified producers) may apply. All applicants must submit an application form, business logo, PDF abstract, pictures, and contact information by 30 April 2022. The judges will make their selections by the end of June 2022. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the application period has been extended to cover the 2 years leading up to the next GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT. 

GLOBALG.A.P. will announce 4 winners and their accomplishments at the end of July 2022. Each winner will receive an invitation to a special awards ceremony held during the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2022. G.A.P. Awards 2022 winners will also receive a certificate, seal, and trophy. GLOBALG.A.P. will cover travel and accommodation costs for each winner (1 person per company). 

Sponsored by CropLife, the 2022 award covers four main categories:  

  • Women in agriculture 
  • Agricultural impact: Monitoring and evaluation – water, biodiversity, etc.  
  • Smallholders/Capacity building – localg.a.p./Primary Farm Assurance (PFA) implementation  
  • Innovation for sustainability 

Based on an assessment criteria checklist, a team of judges will evaluate the outstanding performance and achievements of producers with certified processes in these areas. The subcategory areas include:  

  • Traceability – IT/transparency usage 
  • Push for partnerships/co-operations (public, private, etc.) 
  • Innovative practices/technologies 
  • Economic aspects/added value 
  • Passion and powerful story 
  • Climate-friendly practices/CO2 emission reduction 

Judges will also acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic by assessing:  

  • The impacts of COVID-19 and how producers have faced the global pandemic 
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FPJ Live brings together UK fresh produce leaders 

FPJ Live brings together UK fresh produce leaders 


The Ricoh Arena on 7-8 October became the venue for around 200 leaders from the UK’s fresh produce industry UK fresh produce industry to share industry insights, develop practical solutions and establish powerful connections. Featuring three stages of on-stage interviews, presentations, multimedia and interactivity, there were plenty opportunities to learn and get inspired. 

The winners of the UK Fruit & Vegetable FPJ Awards received their trophies on the evening of Monday 7 October at an informal social evening. These are pan-industry fresh produce awards voted for by the trade itself and reward excellence across the industry, with FPJ subscribers voting for their winners in a transparent process.

This is a list of the winners:















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Omnia Management takes innovation prize

Omnia Management takes innovation prize


Omnia Management is the winner of the 1st Cool Logistics ‘Innovation in Perishable Logistics’ Award at the 11th Cool Logistics Global Conference in Valencia.  The winner of the award was selected by an international panel of stakeholders with an interest in furthering perishable supply chain excellence. Omnia Management was recognized for its contribution and adding value to the cold supply chain.  

Omnia Management has set the standard for innovation in the cold supply chain “It was a great honour to receive the award at Cool Logistics Valencia.  True recognition of my Shortest Route to Market using innovation to remove outer packaging in the Logistic supply chain” said Clive Lawrance, Omnia Management.

Omnia Management implemented a packaging project in three countries, working with growers and major retail importers.  Polarthermal covers were used to maintain fresh produce temperature integrity throughout the supply chain instead of typical packagings such as cardboard, plastic or polystyrene. This reduced wastage at the point of destination. Straight-line temperatures were maintained throughout the journey of the fresh produce together with significant cost reductions in packaging and waste disposal.  Reducing waste packaging waste is an issue of global interest, and in this case, the waste packaging reductions were achieved in the air freight cold chain. Packaging, reducing waste and the use of plastic packaging have been major themes through Cool Logistic Global 2019 so the judging panel was delighted to recognize and acknowledge the importance of Omnia Management’s initiative

Honest Branch was highly commended for its contribution to the cold supply chain. “Connecting every farmer across Africa with buyers in Europe is a massive undertaking. Winning this award delivers a huge boost to our company and its profile, as well as instantly providing new, invaluable connections across the industry. Additionally, it illustrates the understanding Cool Logistics has of the positive impact on the lives of people across Africa our platform will have.” said N Russell Tomlin, MD at Honest Branch. 

Honest Branch developed a mobile-friendly platform that allows European buyers of tropical fruit to source their supplies in a single place.  Working with local cooperative farmers across the entire logistical process from sourcing fruit to assisting with exports, Honest Branch’s initiative allows African farmers to access European fresh produce markets with their surplus produce, helping to boost African fresh produce exports.