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Pink Lady continues growth momentum

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In 2017-2018, Pink Lady® consolidated its leading brand position in all European markets and continued its growth momentum with good potential for further development. Around 175,000 tons of Pink Lady® were marketed with an accelerated destocking rate (+11% at the beginning of May versus 2016/17). The three key markets of this season were Germany, which crossed the 50,000 ton mark, the UK, with nearly 30,000 tons and France, with 22,000 tons (+14%).

Spain is also showing strong development, with an increase in volume of 17% and a rise in market share of 20%, to reach 7,066 tons.

As with all European apple production, yield was down this year (-22%). Nevertheless, Pink Lady® achieved good results by pursuing a strategy with five key objectives: to control its positioning; maintain the intensity and originality of the promotional devices; continue to ramp up image and digital communication; give relief to the approach of social responsibility and guarantee the best quality promise.

From 22 to 24 June, Pink Lady® will meet Austrian consumers with a booth at the Donauinselfest festival in Vienna offering tastings and distribution of tote bags and leaflets. Additionally, the Pink Lady® truck will be on German roads from June 15 to July 15.

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Apple cosies used to promote Pink Lady at Asda

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A free apple cosy will be offered with every purchase of a 1kg bag of Pink Lady apples as part of a promotion campaign in outlets of the UK retailer Asda.

Assistant marketing manager for Pink Lady, Maxime Delacour, said the cosy is intended to help customers protect their apple wherever they go, “meaning their snack is always in perfect condition.”

The offer, which began on February 29, will run in 340 stores nationwide with a flash label on the front of each pack highlighting the free cosy. The deal will run for about three weeks (while stocks last).

In a press release, fresh produce brand marketing specialist Coregeo Ltd said Asda hopes the promotion – which it said is the first of its kind for Pink Lady in the UK – will bring more customers to the fruit and veg area.

Coregeo is the UK’s master licensor for both the Pink Lady and Tenderstem brands.