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New markets, new campaign and year-round availability of Kanzi® 

Kanzi® concludes a successful European season - smooth transition to southern hemisphere harvest

One of the world’s leading apple brands Kanzi® recently launched its new media campaign. The new ‘Seduce Life’ campaign targets consumers through radio, television, online banners and supermarkets. It’s one chapter in the ambitious growth plans of this international top three apple brand. Key targets for the coming years are year-round availability, broadening the distribution platform and raising brand preference with consumers. 

Year-round availability 

One of the focus points Kanzi® is working on is year-round supply. Kanzi® is grown both in the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere. Growers are provided with special programs and production specialists are brought together to share knowledge and experience. 

Asia and the Middle-East

In its ten years of existence, Kanzi® gained its place on the shelves. Nowadays there are good opportunities to develop nice year-round programs with partners. Kanzi® is ambitious and is investing in new markets such as Asia and the Middle East. This process takes time. Volumes are reasonable and Kanzi® is prepared for growth. 


Kanzi® launched the 2015-16 season with a new consumer campaign reflecting the contemporary Kanzi® approach to today’s consumers: Kanzi® SEDUCE LIFE.
Seduce Life communicates the taste experience of Kanzi®. Seize life by enjoying an everyday moment of luxury, reaching the outgoing, modern and active consumer with a positive mind-set. Kanzi®  wants customers to know that its apples will give them the energy and spirit they need to be successful and happy. A balanced media mix combined with tastings in supermarkets, experiential marketing activities, promotions and on – and offline advertising will immerse the consumer in the new Kanzi® SEDUCE LIFE universe. 

Over the coming years, Kanzi® will focus on promotion, to create stronger brand awareness, and thereby raise brand preference with consumers. The advantage of Kanzi® is that it serves different segments of consumers. As the apple has a balanced sweet tart flavour and is crunchy, it attracts a large audience.