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Ambrosia ™, stronger and more attractive than ever

Ambrosia ™, stronger and more attractive than ever

Although Ambrosia ™ is in the middle of its campaign, it can already be said that it has been a real success. More than ever, Ambrosia apples are in Spanish homes, positioning themselves as club apples and exceptional fruits.

Through a 360º communication campaign, orchestrated throughout the country, Ambrosia ™ is fulfilling its objective of reinforcing its presence and notoriety, linking a fresh, dynamic and fun image.

For yet another year, Ambrosia ™ has opted to reward the commitment of its most loyal customers with a campaign full of gifts and raffles. The high participation rate in these raffles clearly demonstrates the interest and enthusiasm of consumers for the prizes offered by the brand, which are a Thermomix, an Ipad and an Amazon gift card worth 100 euros. They will have until April 30, 2021 to participate and increase their chances of winning one of these magnificent prizes.

Meanwhile, the brand’s renewed image presented at the beginning of the campaign has been widely accepted by consumers, who, apart from feeling identified with the brand’s values, share with Ambrosia ™ the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy every moment of the day.

By publishing healthy recipes on its website, Ambrosia ™ has proven to be a valuable ally in balanced diets, low in calories, rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Likewise, its collaboration with renowned influencers in the gastronomic sector and its posts on social networks, have allowed it to achieve greater interaction from its consumers. Ambrosia ™ will continue to surprise fans with new giveaways and giveaways throughout the campaign.

But without a doubt, the star action of this campaign has been the premiere of its first television ad lasting 20 seconds aired nationwide. Thanks to these prime time ads, it has been possible to increase brand awareness and place Ambrosia ™ in the top of mind of consumers.

Ambrosia ™ will continue to air its television ad in early March and, as a novelty, will sponsor the most popular television programmes of the moment.

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Ambrosia™ delights our palates with tasty apple-starring recipes

Ambrosia ™ delights our palates with tasty apple-starring recipes
Photos: Ambrosia™

Ambrosia™ delights our palates with tasty apple-starring recipes.

Through this initiative, Ambrosia ™ invites us to discover different ways to consume its delicious apples throughout the day, in line with the message of its new campaign: Ambrosia ™ You are divine!

Available on its website, Ambrosia ™ offers us a selection of recipes for every moment of the day, with which we can learn to take care of ourselves without giving up the pleasure of exquisitely tasting apples.

Crispy and sweet, the Ambrosia ™ apple has burst onto the club apple market thanks its excellent flavour. A favourite among kids and an inseparable companion in the kitchen, it offers a delicious snack and a star of countless recipes.

In addition to being delicious, Ambrosia ™ is a valuable ally in balanced diets, low in calories, rich in vitamins and supernutrients.

With a nutritional profile to match its flavour, Ambrosia ™ feels good on the inside and its results are visible to the naked eye.

In addition to delighting us with exquisite recipes shared on its website and social networks, Ambrosia ™ will continue its television campaign this month with 20-second ads on Spain’s main national networks.

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Ambrosia ™ launches first television advertising campaign 

Ambrosia ™ launches first television advertising campaign 
Photo: Ambrosia™

With the claim “Ambrosia, te va divina” (Ambrosia, you’re divine), the Ambrosia ™ apple brand has launched its first television advertising campaign in Spain with a 20-second spot, which is being broadcast nationwide on the main networks. This campaign, which will be active until November 29, aims to achieve greater brand awareness of Ambrosia ™ apples in Spanish homes.

In this commercial, Ambrosia ™ stages the day-to-day life of a Spanish family, promoting their apples with naturalness, dynamism and freshness. The representation of everyday scenes enables Ambrosia ™ apples to be positioned as a quality, healthy and versatile product, which has its place in every moment of our lives.

Meanwhile, Ambrosia ™ presents through this new television campaign, its first image change with which it wants to establish its notoriety in the international market and reach as many consumers as possible. Consumers will therefore soon be able to discover a renewed logo consisting of a halo of gradient colours.

The halo is the result of the fusion of the two main elements of the brand, which are its symbol and the colour gradient, characteristic of the variety. The brand update also affects the brand’s slogan, which becomes “… Mmmbrosia. Sweet by Nature ”to“ … Mmmbrosia ”.

With this renewed image, Ambrosia ™ aims to build a stronger and more attractive brand identity to stand out in the fresh produce market and place itself even more in the minds of consumers. Ambrosia ™ will release its new image in the coming weeks both in its packaging and in its products as well as in its different corporate elements.


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Ambrosia apples: pre-season optimism

AMBROSIA web news

Despite forecasts of a 20% fall in production from last year, Rivoira and VI.P – Val Venosta are upbeat about the prospects for the start of the 2017/18 season. The two organisations have been working in partnership since 2013 as the exclusive producers of Ambrosia™ apples in Europe.

Executive manager Marco Rivoira said, “A very hot and dry summer has obviously affected average sizes and, as with other varieties, they are noticeably smaller. However, we don’t expect this to affect the market as we have an intrinsically high quality product and there is a shortage of European apples. Also, last year we had a successful launch of our Baby Ambrosia™ in 1 kg bags for the domestic market and in 18kg bushels for export. So, we are not worried if we obtain more production of this size.”

Fabio Zanesco, marketing manager of VI.P –Val Venosta, said, “Our production is steadily growing with our new plantations. But due to the April/May frosts, we still aren’t reaching our potential. In any case, with our high-altitude production zones, we weren’t so affected by the hot summer and we had sufficient water, meaning we were able to obtain a decent sized product.” 

With the new season about to commence, the Rivoira group’s Ambrosia™ apples will be available everywhere from 19-20 September, while the apples grown in Val Venosta are still on the trees and will be ready from the middle of October.  

As for the firms’ international marketing strategy, Rivoira said, “Together with VI.P. we drew up a plan during Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong. Since production is lower than expected, we will be maintaining our current sales channels with the Ambrosia™ and Gold Rosé™ brands and working on consolidating our partnerships with our most loyal customers in Spain. Naturally, at the beginning of the season, there have been a lot of requests from new sales outlets wishing to introduce Ambrosia.”

Zanesco adds, “The decision to focus mainly on sales this season seems a natural one to make and we also have the opportunity to work with several new clients for whom we will set aside volumes in line with our a common project. I must emphasise however that this doesn’t mean we won’t be innovating or thinking about the future. In fact, we will soon be announcing developments in our packaging, distribution and communication.”

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VI.P focuses on technology and quality service

VI.P has 7 cooperatives and 1,730 producers who work in the Venosta Valley in the Italian Alps.

The Horticultural and Fruit Co-Operatives Association, Val Venosta (VI.P), has noteworthy innovations such as BIOgraphy, a traceability and transparency system by means of which the end customer can consult the website to find the farmers that have grown every one of the apples from VI.P’s organic line and where the fruit comes from.

As for the rest of its production, a QR code on its apple labels and on the back of its packaging links smartphones and tablets to the website, where videos and texts on where each piece of fruit comes from are available.

In addition, VI.P is working on expanding its range of club varieties, including apples like Kanzi©, Envy© and Ambrosía©.

Furthermore, it is keeping up its investments in maintenance and improving structures, automating the third warehouse within the association of cooperatives and installing a new waxing line for the red varieties to add to the three existing ones.

VI.P has 7 cooperatives and 1,730 producers who work in the Venosta Valley in the Italian Alps.

Every year it harvests an average of 350,000 tons of Val Venosta apples, its main product, distributing them among 50 international markets, most notably Italy (which accounts for 50% of the produce), Germany, Scandinavia, eastern countries, North Africa and the Middle East, where it plans to continue to expand its penetration.

Spain accounts for 7-8% of VI.P sales.