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Green Corridor in the Puerto of Algeciras

Green Corridor in the Puerto of Algeciras
© Puerto of Algeciras


The authorities of Algeciras Port (APBA) appointed PINUS,  an environmental engeneering company to carry out works of Green Corridor. The works will be executed in the dock Dársena del Saladillo in the communal area port- town. The investments of 448,000 euros will be allocated for the landscaping of various areas adjoining the town as well as the slopes of the Dársena del Saladillo.

Besides the Green Corridor, APBA consider to transfer the statuary of a boat in the cave of Laja Alta de Jimena to the access roundabout of the Dock of Saladillo. The sculpture by Rafael Gómez de Avellaneda reproduces the art dating as far back as 3000 years and is the symbol representing the Algeciras Bay as the cradle of culture and transnational trade.

The works will go on for 3 months and will become an addition to the new road junction of del Saladillo constructed by APBA some months ago. 

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No slowdown foreseen at Europe’s major ports

No slowdown foreseen at Europe’s major ports, © Alex Proimos, Wikipédia
© Alex Proimos, Wikipédia


The major international ports are not expecting to register falls in activity despite the lockdowns across much of the world due to the coronavirus. Speaking to Eurofresh, Cristina Recio Galiana, of the Port of Algeciras’ in southern Spain, said, “In February, the Port of Algeciras handled a total of 9.991 million tons, which means a 15% increase compared with February 2019. Regarding the present month, March, we do not expect any reduction in volume.”

Algericas is Spain’s second busiest port, with the seventh highest volume of traffic in Europe.

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New Algeciras cold store

Operations at AGRO Merchants Group’s newest cold store – in the Port of Algeciras – have commended ahead of schedule, providing key services and increased capacity to customers.

AGRO Merchants Group has announced the early operations opening of their newest cold store in Algeciras, Spain.

In a press release, the group said Spanish market leaders in seafood imports and fresh fruit exports were the first to benefit from from the handling, storage and Border Inspection Services at the newly completed cold storage expansion inside the Port of Algeciras, which came into operation ahead of schedule this month.

“The expansion provides a major capacity and service scope increase to the existing Gestion Frío Algeciras (GFA), which became part of AGRO Merchants Group in 2013. The users of the port-based facility enjoy multiple benefits from its strategic location such as max container payload utilisation, a growing selection of freight routes connecting them with global import/export markets and connectivity with AGRO Merchants global network.

“The site packs the latest technology in terms of energy efficient refrigeration and IT systems keeping track of the flows of perishable products through the facility as well as communication with stakeholders such as exporters, importers, transport partners, customs and more. Through a close collaboration with customers, Border Inspection Point (PIF), Port of Algeciras and sanitary authorities in the region, Javier Rueda, MD of GFA, is dedicated to drive and support initiatives to make trade of perishables via Port of Algeciras faster, fresher and more cost efficient.

“The additional 13,300 pallet positions will increase GFA’s capacity to 15,600 pallets to support existing customers and allow the company to diversify further on temperature-controlled food products and services. The expansion will also include frozen chambers with movable racks, chilled and dual temperature chambers.”

“GFA specialises in import/export programs of fresh and frozen perishables such as meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables providing innovative solutions that includes services such as: port haulage, customs clearance, transport, quality control, warehousing, picking and other value-added services,” it said.

AGRO Merchants Group said the Port of Algeciras is optimally positioned to benefit from growth in import/export volumes, being the first Mediterranean port of call for most ocean services from South America, Asia and other regions.

AGRO Merchants Group owns and operates 55 facilities in 8 countries across Europe, North America and Latin America with more than 750,000 square meters of cold storage.