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Aldahra coming in fruits and vegetables with worldwide investments

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Among the largest agricultural companies in the Middle East, Aldahra commands a significant share of the agricultural market in the UAE. The company has more than 14 farms over 2,000 acres of land operating in Al Ain alone. This includes well-maintained green-houses supplying fresh produce to the local market, with both conventional and organic vegetables. A few of its delectable and fresh produce grown locally are dates, sweet melons, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

In search of prime farmlands, the company has acquired some of the most fertile spots across the globe including Egypt, Namibia Serbia, Spain and Pakistan. In Egypt, Aldahra cultivates citrus, mangoes and grapes; apples in Serbia, grapes and dates in Namibia. Approx. 20,000 tons of citrus and 9,000 tons of apples have been marketed this season. Further expansion of grapes cultivations in Namibia is expected to take place shortly.

“We are planning to become a large international player within the fresh produce industry, as we are already in the feed industry,” said Tarek Bedir, commercial manager of the food division.

Aldahra is considered the world’s biggest feed supplier with the annual production of 2 million tons of alfalfa feed and forage crops in the US, Spain, Italy, Egypt and Pakistan. Aldahra group is now building its own mills in Al Fujairah UAE and owns its port facilities and silos for grains.