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US-UK equivalency agreement for organic products takes effect

US-UK equivalency agreement for organic products takes effect

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On January 1, 2021, a new US-UK equivalence agreement ensures that organic products certified to either USDA or UK standards may be labelled and sold as organic in both countries. The agreement provides continuity for US-UK exports covered by the US-EU equivalence agreement, following Brexit.

Like the US-EU agreement, the US-UK agreement covers only certified organic products that have been grown or raised in the US or UK and products where the final processing or packaging occurs in these countries, including where organic ingredients from other countries have been certified to USDA or UK standards. Crops, wild crops, livestock, and processed products are all eligible for equivalency under the agreement, but agricultural products derived from animals treated with antibiotics will not be certified organic when exported to the US.

The UK has established a new import process for all USDA organic products traded under the agreement, with different documentation required depending on whether the product is exported to Great Britain or Northern Ireland. As is the case under the US-EU agreement, exported organic products under the US-UK agreement must meet the labelling requirements of the destination country.

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Intelligent Delivery and Primafrio sign partnership

Primafrio reinforces its position in the fruit and vegetable market with new logistic platform

Ermua-based company Intelligent Delivery (ID), a pioneer in Click & Collect solutions in the Iberian Peninsula, has signed an agreement with Primafrio, a leading European fresh produce transportation to develop better logistics for the sector. For Primafrio Group, the move represents a further step in its commitment to new technologies, horizontal diversification within the logistics sector and the development of transport solutions that minimise environmental impact, in line with its CSR policy. Primafrio is committed to last-mile logistics, which means being as close as possible to the consumer thanks to technologically advanced solutions, such as intelligent distribution cabinets.

For Intelligent Delivery, the signing of this agreement represents a gateway to important cooperation opportunities between the two companies, thus increasing the possibility of entering the cold sector for last-mile delivery of perishable or even frozen products .

Primafrio is Spain’s leading fruit and vegetable products transportation company and one of the most important in Europe. It has over 50 years of experience in the domestic and international refrigeration transport sector, with Germany, the UK and France the main destination countries for a range of services in which refrigeration transport accounts for the largest volume of business, followed by logistics services.

Intelligent Delivery offers click and collect services in Spain and Portugal through automated terminals, (from smart lockers to robotics) for sectors such as logistics, retail, corporate and others. It provides turnkey solutions with great capacity to adapt to different needs arising from the delivery and collection of parcels in an automated terminal.