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5 Ways to eat Cauliflower, from Spain’s 5 al día

Take advantage of cauliflower quickly and easily with these food ideas from Spain’s 5 al día featuring cauliflower as the main ingredient.

Take advantage of cauliflower quickly and easily with these suggested ways to prepare it.

The 5 ideas all feature cauliflower as the main ingredient and are from Spain’s 5 al día (5 a day) association, which promotes daily fruit and vegetable consumption.

Oven-baked cauliflower

Spinach & cauliflower salad

Cauliflower al Ajoarriero (with garlic, olive oil & pepper)

Cauliflower and cheese croquettes

Cauliflower pizza dough


The recipes are in Spanish but you can see them here.
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Spain’s 5 al día targets future fruit & veg consumers


Spain’s 5 al día (5 a day) association – which promotes daily fruit and vegetable consumption – put increased focus on creating healthy food habits among children last year.

At its annual general meeting in Madrid last week the non-profit presented figures showing fruit and vegetable consumption in Spain is below that recommended by the World Health Organisation. WHO advises at least 600g/person/day but current consumption in Spain averages just 400g, it said, and it is the country’s over-50s population that eats the most fruit.

“That’s why, in 2014 we put special emphasis on creating healthy consumption habits among children, the consumers of tomorrow, in the actions and promotions carried out by the association,” said 5 al día director Nuria Martínez Barea.

Among such initiatives, the non-profit organisation has developed a play for children titled “The Magic of Fruit and Vegetable” (“La Magia de Las Frutas y Hortalizas” in Spanish) and is rolling out the Frutoteca, a fruit and vegetable learning centre designed for children.


It has also developed various TV spots featuring children, held competitions, and has a school programme that last year reached 332 education centres and more than 70,000 children.

According to 5 al día, the latest data from the Spanish Government’s Consumer Food Panel shows:

Average annual per capita household consumption
Fruit 101 kg
Vegetables 63 kg
Potato 23 kg
Total fruit and vegetables 187 kg

It said Spain produces more than 24 million tons of fruit and vegetables – making it Europe’s second biggest fruit and vegetable grower and the sixth biggest globally.