The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the adoption of an interim rule change that will relax the minimum size requirements of grapefruit.

According to data from the Andalusian Government’s Agrarian Agency, Spanish orange prices in the field remained largely unchanged during April, varying only slightly between €0.34 /kg and €0.35/kg.

The decline in US citrus production shows no sign of abating. This campaign’s crop of 6.2 million tons is expected to be 21% lower than last season.

Estimates for Spain’s citrus crop production for the 2017-18 campaign point to a general decline in output for all crops.

Lime prices in the US are double where they were at the same time last year.

Europe’s second largest orange producer, Italy, expects to see drops in production of orange and tangerine by 10% and 5% this campaign compared to 2015/16 mainly owing to the summer drought.  Late

This is set to be a good year for Morocco’s citrus growers, with exports at their highest levels for two decades (around 680,000 tons).

La Unio de Llauradors has reported another case of consumer fraud, with the erroneous labeling of citrus varieties.

Morocco’s citrus production continues to increase. Expert forecasts for the country’s 2017-18 crop indicate a 3% rise in volumes, to 2.3 million tons.

The drop in temperatures in recent days together with strong winds, rainfall and hail has damaged the Andalusian citrus crop.


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