Brazil closed the 2017/18 orange harvest with a 29% increase fruit juice exports, thanks largely to the internal problems in the US market, thus setting a new record.

Global orange production for 2017/18 is forecast to fall 6 million tons from the previous year to 47.8 million as unfavourable weather leads to smaller crops in Brazil and the US.

The latest estimates of crop production for Spain’s 2017-18 campaign indicates declines in almost all crops from the previous campaign.

Brazil’s orange crop for 2018/19 is expected to be 27% lower than in 2017/18, at 393 million boxes.   The dramatic decline in production is mainly due to tree stress.

Morocco’s citrus production in MY 2017/18 recovered from an early season drought.

The EU’s citrus production is projected to reach around 11.1 million tons in 2017/18, 2.4% higher than previous estimates had suggested, but still representing an overall fall of 6.3% from 2016/17.

Early June frosts may have serious consequences for the crops of Chile’s central zone, particularly, citrus, which are in full harvest, and avocados, whose harvest begins in August.

An industrial dispute is affecting South Africa’s citrus industry in the Sundays River Valley area in the country’s Eastern Cape region.

Abundant rainfall has increased water availability in Chile and allowed an expansion in the area planted of citrus.

Preliminary data for estimations of Spanish fruit and vegetable production in the first five months of 2018 show extra-early potato volumes are up 4.3%, while tomato volumes are down 6.2% compared


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