Spanish political party from Valencia, La Unión, has demanded that citrus fruits be added to the list of crops at risk of plague covered by Artícle 42 of EU regulation 2016/2031.

Between 2004, when there was 28,500 ha of organic citrus fruit grown worldwide and 2015, the area more than doubled to nearly 71,000 ha.

Spanish orange prices remained high throughout the 2016/17 campaign Starting in October 2016 at €0.57/kg, by August 2017 they were as high as €0.69/kg.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam announced that the preliminary agricultural damages caused by Hurricane Irma in Florida amount to over $2.5 billion.

According to Rosstat (official Russian Statistic bureau), average retail price for 1 kilo of oranges amounted to some 1.50 euro in July 2017, comparing to 1.10 euro last July.

In 2016, FGF Trapani’s fresh lemon exports accounted for 9-10% of the total exported from Argentina.

Engaged in cultivating citrus for over 40 years, Citrusvil is a comprehensive company that began with fresh produce and later extended this to the industrial sector.

Although they are not going to reach their usual volumes, this year Citromax is to export 25-30% more than the previous season, reaching 15,000 tons of fresh lemons and thereby positioning itself a

With better qualities than last year, this year Zamora Citrus’ total production volumes are 10-20% lower. Surprisingly, Juan Zamora affirms that they will have less fruit for export this season.

Los Burgaleses originated from a family with a strong lemon-producing tradition: Balboa Requejo. It began operating in 2006.


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