The Italian strawberry sector risks collapse if action is taken immediately, according to the coordinator of the Strawberry Product Committee of Italy’s Ministry of Agricultural Policies, Francesco

Scientific research has been published which suggests that eating berries may ease the effects of cancer thanks to their high content of antioxidants and bioactive compounds.

The beginning of May saw the first early varieties of strawberry appear on the shelves at a market price of €4.52/kg.

Dutch greenhouse strawberry growers are looking to usurp the current king of the supermarkets – the Spanish strawberry.

The weather conditions during Easter Week have been very favourable for berry production.

Eugenio Bolognesi: “Our varietal portfolio combines productivity, the search for quality and the best in environmental sustainability”

Chile’s blueberry industry is expected to set a historical record in volumes exported this year (110,000 tons).

The leading Spanish producer of organic berries, Bionest, celebrates 25 years in the market by conducting for the first time a varietal selection of berries exclusively focused on

The promotion for the cinema start of “Maya the Bee - The Honey Games” awakens children’s and parents appetite for tasty fruits and healthy nutrition

Andalucia’s strawberry production area has begun to recover over the past two seasons.


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