Rivoira launches the first apples with zero residues

Mon 27/07/2020

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Press release

The Piedmontese group invests in Zero Residues with a new project: Rivoira Zero.

After long and complex research and development work, the company invests in specific production techniques to guarantee a top quality, sustainable, certified and chemical residue-free product. The Gala variety will be one of the first apples with zero residues.

With Zero Rivoira, the Rivoira group has drawn up a cultivation and defence regulation that is aimed at guaranteeing the elimination of 100% phytosanitary products. The company assures that the apples only and exclusively contain levels of pesticide residue below the analytical limit of quantification (less than 0.01 ppm). The result is “a sustainable and certified product”.

Marco Rivoira, the managing director of the group, predicts that ‘the project will now begin this year, with around three thousand tons of Gala, the variety chosen to launch this new ambitious product that the Italian large retail organization will be involved in”.

Rivoira explains that the main objective is to ‘’improve a product for consumers who want top quality, residue-free, certified fruit’’, and ‘’segment the supply even more by putting the product midway between conventional and organic products“. This new positioning enables consumers to have a new price range, it improves and distinguishes the product from the traditional varieties of apples available on store shelves and it increases the earnings of the fruit farmers.

Everything has been taken care of in terms of product specification, right down to the tiniest detail and the whole supply chain has been managed by experts in the field, with the help of competent certified laboratories. Rivoira Zero, will release an eco-friendly cardboard and 100% bioplastic compostable cling film that disintegrates into natural elements.

Thanks to this new residue and pesticide-free project, the company can improve and promote the extraordinary characteristics of all its apples naturally.


Photos: Rivoira