Eurofresh Distribution #176 – November/December 2021


EUROFRESH DISTRIBUTION is a printed and digital magazine dedicated to the production, distribution and retail of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Reports in edition #175 of Eurofresh Distribution:

  • The global supply chain is in the spotlight in our logistics section.
  • Africa is the main focus of our Special Report.
  • Spain, France, Vietnam and Indonesia are the focus of our market reports.
  • Aldi, Costco and Co-op UK features among our interviews of retail leaders.
  • Citrus, apple, kiwi, stone fruit, tropical, cucumber, tomato and pepper are analysed in our produce reports.
  • Fruit Attraction and Growtech are our next partner events.
  • Our interview of the month was conducted with Annelotte Crena de Iongh, on the Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables (SIFAV).