Zespri™ presents new communication platform “Taking care of yourself is a pleasure”

Thu 11/06/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Zespri™ presents new communication platform “Taking care of yourself is a pleasure”

Since the brand was founded 22 years ago, Zespri™ has remained true to its original image, but in 2020, the New Zealand kiwi brand decided to make a change to more faithfully reflect its purpose: to contribute to the prosperity of people, communities and the environment by offering the benefits of kiwi, while also continuing to increase its participation in the fresh fruit sector globally.

In the Spanish market, the company has just presented its new global communication platform called “Taking care of yourself is a pleasure”. In the words of Esther Marinas, head of marketing for Zespri ™ in Europe,

“The platform represents a great milestone for the brand, and it comes at a key moment to satisfy not only our loyal consumers but also attract new ones.”

“Taking care of yourself is a pleasure” highlights the efforts Zespri™ is making to generate a new connection between nature, the food we get from it, and our well-being. It is a philosophy that encourages everyone to make good health essential and a declaration of intent to break the stereotypes that link ​​taking care of yourself with something boring that requires effort.


The new Zespri™ has also incorporated the “Kiwi Brothers”, the brand’s pets, which have already become a real hit among consumers in Japan. Similarly, a change has been made to its logo, which now features the perfect expression of the bold, fun, unexpected and authentic product that is the Zespri ™ kiwi. The fan in different shades of green is inspired by the recognisable cross-section of its fruit, and the red text illustrates the energy and dynamism of the brand.

Enrique Guio, Zespri Iberian Market Manager, also highlighted the main challenges that the company faces at such a key moment: “This development of our identity also responds to a greater commitment to our purpose and our mission to strengthen the connection between nature, food and people’s well-being, while helping consumers around the world to live healthier. For this, our kiwis are the perfect ally since we guarantee the quality of our product, which is produced and distributed in the best conditions thanks to the Zespri System. A system that guarantees that what our consumers buy is healthy, safe and cultivated with the best possible practices.”

The presentation of the new branding and campaign featured other experts, too: Patricia Ramírez, psychologist, writer and speaker; Mireia Porta, clinical and sports nutritionist; and Teresa Baró, consultant in communication skills, all of whom highlighted that Zespri™ kiwis are a source of enjoyment and support the well-being of all family members so that they can all live better in every way.

The new visual identity has been progressively applied to Zespri ™ packaging and various corporate elements, and can already be found on the market. The new communication campaign has been present in the media since June 1.


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