Zespri launches zero-carbon kiwifruit trial

Tue 08/03/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Zespri has launched a new project to explore ways in which its growers can produce zero-carbon kiwifruit. Grower association NZKGI said that Zespri wants a small number of growers of its trademarked SunGold variety to participate in a two-year trial starting in June 2022.

“This trial will help Zespri respond to growing market concern about climate change, find ways to reduce carbon emissions across the entire supply chain – orchard, post-harvest, shipping, in-market – and reach the industry’s ambitious climate goal of being carbon-zero to retail by 2030,” the association said.

During the trial, which will involve conventional not organic production methods, growers will record all carbon-emitting activities on their orchards and work with Zespri to reduce those emissions.


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