Zero residues in stone fruits, berries, and grapes

Thu 20/01/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Zero residue berries

“Zerya is a quality standard that has been working in research for over 20 years and is specialized in zero pesticide residue production. Its mission is to help producers with their sales strategy”, said Javier Arizmendi Ruiz, chief of operations in Zerya and Sustainable Agriculture Specialist.

They partnered in the fruitCARE group to establish programs in search of substituting Plant Protection Products (PPPs) appearing in the EFSA CfS list of 2015 for their effect on health and the environment. The project has worked in more comprehensive protection strategies against diseases, to prevent causing resistances. In the trial on the strawberry season, mid-April, the experimental treatment showed excellent vitality, intense colour, and more vertical vegetation compared to the conventional treatment, which has signs of exhaustion. “For raspberries, when the first fruits were about to start blossoming, there were no major differences except for a large load of fruit”,  said Javier Arizmendi Ruiz. Zerya abides by the conviction that safe affordable products are possible together with meeting consumer expectations and an environmentally friendly production.

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