Zamora Citrus increases its presence on European markets

Fri 01/09/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
CITRICS argentina ZAMORA CITRUS Juan Zamora, Presidente

With better qualities than last year, this year Zamora Citrus’ total production volumes are 10-20% lower. Surprisingly, Juan Zamora affirms that they will have less fruit for export this season.

“We thought we were going to have the same amount as last year, but we found we had much less fruit, though it’s better quality. So much so that we expect to finish on 15th July, whereas in the past we have finished in early August.”

With the introduction of new orchards, they expect significant growth in volume of fruit over the next three years. This year, the last 50,000 trees will be planted, completing the process of investing in 450 ha of Eureka, Lisboa and Génova lemon varieties. These new orchards will cater to the increase in demand from around the world, their clients and future markets.

“We trust that in six years there will be many more markets to attend to, and we will be able to provide the quality, conditions and sizes they demand.”

Zamora Citrus has one of the five packing plants authorised for export to the US. They have also begun to export more intensely to northern Europe and have new clients in France and Italy, all the while thinking of satisfying the demand for products with less residue. This year they introduced two ethical certifications, SEDEX and GRASP, required by the main supermarkets.

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