Yuksel Seeds presents Azarbe, its new variety of loose tomato

Yuksel Semilla has listened to the market and has responded by adding the new Azarbe loose tomato variety to its wide catalogue of products, along with other outstanding varieties, such as Marcus or Cassarosa.
Mon 28/12/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Yuksel Seeds presents Azarbe, its new variety of loose tomato

The market is constantly searching for a loose tomato that meets consumer demands: a fruit with firm skin, an attractive red colour and, of course, a great flavour. This is how Azarbe was born, making it a perfect product for export.

This new variety, launched during the last week of December and the first of January, is characterised by its high ease of setting at high temperatures and great yield.

Azarbe has a firm skin, a dark red colour, and a slightly flattened starry and open calyx. This new variety is recommended for early fall cycles, sowing or transplanting in late July or early August.

What’s more, taking advantage of the festive period during which this presentation occurs, the seed house will offer a special gift to all attendees of the event as a fit way of closing this difficult year. However, due to health protection issues relating to Covid-19, in order to attend, it will be mandatory to make a reservation by phone, calling Francisco Trujillo on 651 86 38 19, when you will be informed of the time and place of the presentation of the Azarbe F1 tomato.



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