World Citrus Organisation presents 2022-24 strategy

Thu 13/10/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

The WCO announced its 2022-24 strategy at the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid as part of the WCO Conference, where citrus stakeholders discussed issues affecting the global citrus industry and ways to ensure the category’s future positioning. The organisation will look to enhance sustainability, strengthen the connection between stakeholders within the citrus community and increase consumption. 

”From the very beginning since the foundation of the WCO in 2019, the Spanish citrus sector has been committed to work together with other citrus producing countries, strengthening cooperation, and fostering common activities based on a win-win strategy. Ensuring economic sustainability with fair process for citrus growers worldwide is one of our main goals,” said WCO Northern Hemisphere co-chair José Antonio Garcia Fernandez.



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