Woolworths Australia opens 100% sustainable store

Thu 16/01/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Woolworths Australia opens 100% sustainable store

Woolworths Australia has opened a supermarket store that is 100% run on renewable energy. The initiative is part of the Living Building Challenge (LBC), the world’s most rigorous performance standard for buildings. The store will feature a number of sustainability initiatives, such as an increased display space for the retailer’s “odd bunch” range, which promotes fruit and vegetables usually destined for food waste, loose format produce, such as berries and cherry tomatoes, that would usually come in plastic packaging, and a partnership with OzHarvest to cut food waste and deliver leftover food to local hunger relief charities. Managing director, Claire Peters, said,

“As Australia’s largest retailer, we recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental footprint and are committed to playing our part in creating a greener, more sustainable future.”


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