Williams on the rise in Italy

Italy expects a total crop of over 470,000 tons, more than double last year’s total, with the Abate variety accounting for around 189,000 tons, followed by Williams (130,000 tons).
Thu 29/12/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
The Made in Italy pear by Opera
The new Fred pear by Origine Group
The new packaging and new image of premium Emilia-Romagna PGI pears.
The Emilia-Romagna Pear PGI launches premium line: Selezione

The Pera dell’Emilia-Romagna PGI has begun a new era based on selection and a new image: “The goal of this process is to create value for the product through the geographical indication. For this, we are segmenting the product with the introduction of the top-quality Selezione line that will be highlighted on the product and the packaging with the new PGI logo. What distinguishes this selection is its taste, thanks to a higher sugar level, which is 2 degrees brix more than that prescribed for the standard PGI product,” said consortium president Mauro Grossi. The project, launched by the regional government and the PGI Consortium, led to a 78% increase in the number of companies producing PGI pears in the 2022 campaign.

Origine Group brings first harvest of Fred® to market

Origine Group continues to enhance the Made in Italy pear despite this difficult moment for the sector: “This year saw the first commercial harvest of Fred®, our new variety which has been on supermarket shelves since December. It has generated a strong interest within the retail sector thanks to its qualitative characteristics and resistance to diseases. The first season will feature about 60 tons of Fred® pears, mainly destined for European markets,” said director Alessandro Zampagna. Overseas markets are currently suffering due to the high prices of traditional varieties, especially Abate, which have been particularly hit by weather conditions.

Opera® begins campaign to relaunch the Made in Italy pear

Opera® is working to relaunch Made in Italy pears: “The path we have taken, and which needs strengthening, is supply chain aggregation. The project is divided into a series of activities on three fronts: 1) consumer education through events and digital media; 2) multimedia communication, including classic and more innovative means; 3) and collaboration with all the stakeholders (the real key), with the involvement of decision-makers as well,” said the firm’s president Adriano Aldrovandi. Opera® will present itself as a friendly, ‘easy-going’ brand for a healthy natural fruit that is easily recognisable, with its 0.1% fat, 41 calories per 100 grams, vitamins and fibre. The fruit comes from sustainable agriculture and is 100% Italian.

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