Western European tomato prices bottom out

Wed 12/09/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
germany tomato

With tomatoes available for weeks at low prices, supply has now declined across much of Western Europe. As a result, prices at the producer and wholesale level have increased significantly. Particularly low prices had been recorded for normal-sized vine tomatoes as well as loose and beef tomatoes. At the end of August, however, a turnaround is emerging. At the Veilingen in the Benelux, prices are now rising significantly, with reduced stocks. Producers and marketers expect smaller crops in the coming week, which suggests a stable-to-attractive price trend.

On the wholesale markets, the firmer price trend has become even more pronounced. In retail, this is usually visible only with a time lag. Thus, the prices at the upstream levels of trade are currently still favourable. Vine tomatoes from the Benelux region are advertised in the last week of August at between €0.77 and €1.29/kg, while German vine tomatoes start at €1.49/kg.


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