Western Australia’s avocado producers target Japanese market

Tue 25/01/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
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The West Australian avocado sector has made new efforts to boost exports to Japan. The state government partnered with the local avocado industry through Hort Innovation, Avocados Australia and Austrade to showcase the fruit to potential importers, retailers and consumers at the WA Premium Food and Beverage Trade Event in Tokyo.

Avocados were the “hero ingredient” on the event’s tasting menu, which included avocado and salmon tartare, avocado and lobster mini burger, avocado mini croque madame and an avocado and chocolate mousse, alongside a selection of other premium WA food and wines.

Agriculture and food minister Alannah MacTiernan, said avocados were the state’s biggest and fastest growing fruit industry, with just over half of orchards at full production age, while the remaining young trees will contribute to production in the next few years.

“The McGowan Government is partnering with industry to capture export markets for our avocados in Japan, and support this flourishing agricultural sector. There is a growing demand in Japan for high quality, healthy food and beverages and Western Australia is in a good position to satisfy the discerning market requirements for premium products,” said MacTiernan.


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