Weather conditions provide welcome boost for French farmers

Mon 22/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Italian wholesalers found to be falsely labelling fruit “Origin France”

Figures published by the Department of Agriculture are reassuring following the recent rains across almost the entire territory. As of January 16th, the national average rainfall had reached 132.7 mm, still 25% below the level of an average campaign by the same date. However, at the start of the planting period, this deficit was 61%. Moreover, dam water reserves for agricultural use has recovered to 4.62 billion m3 or 35% of capacity.

The crops already in the ground have benefited from a combination of rain and cold, which favours root development. These conditions are also very beneficial for tree crops, especially rosaceae.

Export levels of early vegetables had reached 361,000 tons by January 16, an increase of 5% compared to the previous season on the same date. Tomatoes represent nearly 63% of total vegetable exports, with a volume of nearly 227,000 tons, registering a rise of 5% compared to the previous campaign at the same date. As for citrus fruits, exports total 329,000 tons, maintaining the level reached in the previous season by the same date.


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