VOG celebrates 25 years of Marlene® with new communication campaign

VOG is celebrating 25 years of the Marlene® brand and the start of the new season with an outdoors initiative dedicated to the colours of autumn.
Fri 10/12/2021 by Gabriele Orsi
Marlene® apples. Copyright: VOG.
A new communication campaign has been launched for the “Daughter of the Alps” apple which is focusing on the 4 seasons.

Since the 22 September, a new communication campaign for the “Daughter of the Alps” apple is focusing on the 4 seasons. The setting for the campaign is the main forms of transport (from trams to buses), which creates travelling art exhibitions across various cities.

“After the success of last season, when we painted Milan’s trams with works by the finalists of our art contest, for the 25th anniversary of Marlene®, we wanted to repeat and expand the initiative. The finalists were again involved to give life to new illustrations on the leitmotif of this year’s Marlene® campaign: the four seasons. We started with autumn, dressing urban centres in the warm colours of Alto Adige- Südtirol, the land of Marlene® apples,” said marketing manager Hannes Tauber.

During the Fashion Week, Milan’s trams of Lines 3, 9 and 24 painted the city streets with autumnal images by Marlene®. Furthermore, since 4 October, all those boarding trains in the direction of Alto Adige-Südtirol departing from the railway stations of Milan and Rome received a free Marlene® apple.

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