Veracruz doubles its packing capacity

Fri 01/09/2017 by RIchard Wilkinson
CITRICS argentina VERACRUZ Carolina and Victoria Seleme

With an investment of over US$2 million in pre-grading, Veracruz has doubled its packaging capacity. Furthermore, this year it has bought 400 ha of new land, of which 270 will be planted in September, while increasing its greenhouses from 8 to 12. Finally, they have introduced Most thermographic technology. This uses a GSM connection that acts in real-time on temperature, humidity and knocks, from the plant to the client, thus enabling the latter to have access to this information and check on the state of the fruit before the container arrives. It has been announced that they will make new investments for 2018.

 “Verna’s big presence on the European market has obliged us to diversify more and seek niches and new markets within the countries where we are already present, specialising and reaching ever more supermarket chains and stall-holders,” explains Carolina Seleme.

This year, Veracruz forecasts reaching 11-12,000 tons, meaning growth of 25% compared to the previous campaign. Seleme points out that

“We have better quality and better yields. Packaged fruit is giving a yield of 65%, whereas in pre-selection it is above 70%, which is very high considering that we produce premium quality.”

Until the end of July, exports continue to Europe, Mediterranean countries, the Balkans and Scandinavia. Also in July, the share for Indonesia begins, where Veracruz is very well-positioned and has good expectations for this campaign.

“We have 3,000 tons kept on the fruit trees with no colour, waiting for Indonesia’s share to begin.” Veracruz is vigorously developing Asian markets, where it brings fruit of excellent quality despite the 45 days in transit and a week to get it out of the ports.

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