Uvas Doce adds to expanding grape portfolio

Mon 02/08/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Spanish grape specialist Uvas Doce has developed new varieties to seduce the world. Alfredo Miralles, manager of Uvas Doce., said: “This year will be our first season producing and marketing Cotton Candy, and next year, we will also have Ivory. The objective is to expand sales in all destinations. In fact, our production is up by 40% this year, our highest growth in the last 20 years. On top of this, we are exploring new destinations, both in Europe and overseas.” This campaign, the firm expects to produce about 6,000 tons, a volume that consists mainly of mid- and late-season red seedless varieties. “We are also continuing to expand production of white seedless varieties and special flavours. We are one of only 3 Spanish companies to have the 6 IFG Candies,” said Miralles. 

Meanwhile, Uvas Doce has made sizeable investments in its infrastructure by expanding its grape processing and packaging area. A new cold zone will guarantee controlled temperatures throughout the year. In addition, 4 mini-cameras have been installed to comply with protocols for shipping to China and Vietnam, among other destinations. “We’ve also implemented a new computer system that will control the entire production process, from the field to delivery,” said Miralles.

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