UPA Andalucía wants a stronger CAP and defends family farming

Mon 11/06/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
UPA andalucia

Andalusia’s farming organisation, the UPA, is demanding a stronger CAP to defend family farming in the face of the new challenges facing the sector, such as Brexit. The UPA has called for an aid system that favours the transfer of holdings between older producers and new farmers and one that encourages young people and women to play a key role in rural development. Specifically, the UPA has suggested establishing aid ceilings much lower than those applied in the current CAP, in order to avoid unfair distribution of aid and at the same time obtain funds for other priority measures. Also, priority should be given to the first hectares, so that a 30% budget is distributed among small and medium farmers and ranchers. The association believes that if these conditions are met, it will lead to simpler and more stable standards over time that will allow greater competitiveness, more effective management, and a better understanding by society of the agricultural sector.


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