Planasa unveils new berry varieties

Mon 30/05/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

Planasa, a leading developor of new berry varieties, continues to focus on expanding its varietal catalogue. This season, the firm has unveiled four new varieties of strawberry and one of raspberry. “For strawberry, we have two new short-day varieties (RedSamantha® and Plared 15121) and two neutral-day varieties (Plared 1525 and Plared 15105). In raspberry, we have a new primocane variety for two harvests (Plapink 1304) ideal as a complement for Adelita to complete the production cycle,” said Emilio Fuertes, marketing manager for Iberia and Africa. To test the varieties, Planasa has research centres in different climatic zones around the world. The firm is among the world’s largest nurseries for strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, endive and asparagus plants.

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