Unitec ensures precise fruit sorting

Sorting correctly allows users to select cherries according to the distance they will travel, thus opening up opportunities to reach distant markets like the Far East.
Tue 21/06/2022 by by Maria Belen Barbini
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Packing houses across five continents select over 350 billion fruits every year, a quantity difficult to even imagine as it corresponds to about 40 fruits examined per person on Earth. During this process, an average of 12% of the fruit is deemed unsuitable for the fresh market. Considering this immense volume, Unitec is constantly innovating to meet its customers’ needs and offer them continuous updates and upgrades. The firm develops increasingly high-performance solutions for sorting fruits based on their external and internal quality. The Vision and UNIQ ranges are dedicated to specific fruits to allow packing houses to target product quality that is consistent with consumer and market demands. Using Unitec systems can significantly increase operating margins, drastically reduce processing costs and open up new markets with absolute consistency in the quality on offer. The over 3,600 sorting lines equipped with Unitec solutions enable customers to sort over 193 billion cherries annually, while also guaranteeing a sustainable future for the approximately 27 billion cherries (more than 300,000 tons) that are not suitable for the fresh market. Thanks to this sorting, the cherries can be used for other purposes and reduce waste.


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