UK rejects Pakistani mango consignment upon detecting fruit fly

Tue 24/07/2018 by Richard WIlkinson
mango pakistan

A consignment of Pakistan’s mangos has been rejected after UK customs authorities detected fruit flies. A shipment of 1,300 kilograms of mangos is now in UK’s quarantine department and is the third consignment from Pakistan to be rejected this season, which ends in September 2018. The UK’s Department of Plant Protection (DPP) immediately suspended the license of the mango exporter and imposed sanctions on its hot-water treatment plant. Meanwhile, Waheed Ahmad, vice-president of the FPCCI and a leading mango exporter, said that the DPP should have conducted inquiries and before taking such action. Ahmad called the act unjustified as it was revealed that the fruit flies were dead and the mangos had undergone appropriate hot-water treatment. A complaint has been lodged with the UK authorities since no inquiries have been carried out with regard to the two previously rejected consignments.

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