UK government raises incentive for switching to organic farming

Thu 10/03/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

The UK government is to double the financial incentives paid to farmers converting to organic. Payments for organic farming in England are to rise by between 46% and 500% for those entering a new scheme with Countryside Stewardship. The sharp rise in incentives comes amidst a surge in demand for organics in the UK.  The latest Soil Association Certification’s annual Organic Market Report states that organic sales are up 23% since 2019, with the market worth £3.05 billion. 

Adrian Steele, Soil Association Organic Sector Advisor, said: “The changes to farm policy and payments post-Brexit are causing lots of concern for farmers. But it is clear is that there are big opportunities for nature-friendly farming, and organic is set to receive renewed government support.”


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