Turkish apple exports to hit record level

Wed 23/11/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Graph: Turkey's apple exports to the world between 2012 and 2021 (MT)

Turkey is set for a bumper apple, pear and grape season in 2022/23, thanks to favourable growing conditions and ongoing investments to improve on-farm yields. While at least 80% of the projected production of these deciduous fruits will be consumed in Turkey, mainly as fresh fruit, commercial growers continue to make on-farm investments to capitalise on growing opportunities in the domestic and export markets. Last year saw India as the leading destination for Turkish apples for the second straight year, while Russia held its top spot as the top market for Turkish pears and table grapes, according to USDA data. 

Apple exports in 2022/23 are projected to reach a record high of 420,000 tons, due to an increase in production, assuming steady demand from neighbouring countries. Turkey’s apple export volumes have increased tenfold over the past decade as growers have modernised their operations to be more export-oriented. Proximity to export markets and competitive prices have also helped fuel Turkish apple exports.

In the last few years, Turkey’s apple exports to India have really taken off, climbing from about 10,000 tons in 2017/18 to more than 110,000 tons in 2021/22. Red Delicious is the leading apple variety exported from Turkey to India. 

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