Traces of Covid on durian packages imported from Thailand

Wed 25/08/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
durian at market

Covid-19 is reported to have been detected at a market in China’s Ganzhou city, on the surface of durian packages imported from Thailand, according to the Office of Agricultural Affairs under the Thai Embassy in Beijing. The office stated that the discovery of the virus was made at the Haudongcheng market on August 13. All people who had touched the packages had already been quarantined and they had tested negative for the virus. Also, all durian packages were stored for safety, while some fruit and related areas of the market were sterilised.

The office revealed that it had discussed this matter with China’s General Administration of Customs. The authorities said that import of products from the Thai supplier will not be suspended, as the checking result was found in the local area and not at the checkpoint.

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