Towards a greener future!

Wed 11/03/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Towards a greener future!

Green Ox Pallet Technology® has formed a new alliance with Boix Machinery, aimed at collaborating on a new route towards a greener future! Green OX Pallets, creator of Pallet Technology made of corrugated cardboard, and BOIX Machinery, leader in the creation of box assembly machines, which assemble pallets efficiently, have joined forces to scale the project of corrugated cardboard pallets worldwide.

Green OX Pallets, whose technology focuses on a corrugated pallet that offers, among other aspects, cost savings through improved efficiencies in the handling, storage and transportation of products, and BOIX Machinery, have joined forces, with an eye on the future and sustainability of user operations and the planet.

Both firms have the required experience to develop state-of-the-art machines for assembling pallets to be used in various industries, such as fresh produce, dry food, pharmaceuticals, medicines, technology, and car parts, among others.

The expansion of the Green OX pallets project is aimed at catapulting the technology to be able to offer high levels of standardised consumption in many countries at more stable prices. Current users wish to have their pallets in as many countries as possible, to ensure that all of their operations have the advantages in the geographical areas where their operations are concentrated.

BOIX Machinery and Green OX are working hard to achieve the best possible assembly technology. Very soon we will have more details regarding the progress of these intelligent machines.

Green OX is located in the US, Costa Rica and Spain, and will be opening operations in in Honduras, Colombia and Guatemala, which shows how the project is expanding towards global coverage. The concern is to develop trade that respects environmental sustainability.

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