Tosca, global leader in reusable packaging solutions

With the acquisition of Polymer Logistics and Contraload NV, Tosca is is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions and pooling for food supply chains.
Mon 29/03/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
Tosca, global leader in reusable packaging solutions

It has over 100 years of combined experience managing large supply chains and the financial scalability needed to grow and bring innovations to the market. For the Fresh produce, Tosca offers  a comprehensive portfolio of reusable solutions from pallets to crates and bulk containers to meet  various needs.

“Our RPCs (Reusable Packaging Crates) is purpose-built for Fresh produce, providing the strength and structural integrity that corrugated cannot match to prevent damage. They are also uniquely designed for superior ventilation, keeping produce cooler and delivering it fresher. Our customers from the fresh produce sector can also benefit from our “smart” pallets to track and trace their products, controlling critical aspects of the process as they gain control throughout the journey, increasing their efficiency along their supply chain” says Jesse Sels, President EMEA Tosca.


Nowadays their R&D teams are working on innovations specifically for fresh produce. Looking for solutions to improve containers’ ventilation to ensure the product quality is enhanced while it is well protected. Or how to keep the robustness of their RPCs while they can be stackable without damaging the products inside. Tosca is also working further in their Active Lock to ensure they have different mechanisms to provide their fresh produce customers ensuring the containers are closed without contaminating the product in the RPCs. Moreover, their R&D department is developing other solutions on traceability to improve efficiency in the fresh produce sector. We have been strongly growing, we are projecting double-digit growth in 2021. Jesse Sels afirms: “Fresh Produce is a very important segment for us since we started our operations. Nowadays, more than 35% of our revenue comes from it. Fresh produce is one of our core markets and we have a very long-standing history servicing this industry”. Tosca have offices in Israel for a long time and they just opened an office in India, and they are in the process of expandingtheir operations network in East Europe in countries like Poland, Russia, and Turkey. They are also reinforcing their presence in LATAM with a special interest in Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Peru.

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