Top Seeds Iberica an excellent quinquennium

Mon 28/10/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Top Seeds Iberica an excellent quinquennium

Top Seeds Iberica finishes 2019 with an excellent five-year period of growth and strengthening in the markets of Spain and Portugal. Top Seeds  is closing its stabilization plan in this 2019 very much alike to an economic plan , and faces a new five-year period of strategic growth under the umbrella of the parent company. The Enterprise is facing interesting changes at a world-wide level and is already planning new business lines.

This seeds company has been the smartest one when it comes to taking advantage of its size in order to penetrate nimbly in the market of the professional seeds. Therefore, its genuine optimal Project size has allowed it to shape to the market trends and so select and put the right product at the right time. A clear illustration of that are its pepper (Blocky) Galiano.

Speed, Decision and Adjustment

By the time that the rest of operators were still trying to imitate the leader of the segment of late-blocky-peppers Top Seeds Iberica had already announced it : “The market is about to change” and what is more, they did it openly, and just two years after that one-cycle late maturing peppers are part of the history due to prices not covering the necessary return for such a short time-bound campaign , but there it was Top Seeds Iberica with its pre-medium and post-medium long cycle peppers which are for sure fist-time known concepts but they are already history in Top Seeds Iberica. And his GM Mr. Francisco Maleno is working in innovative movements in the market.

The evaluation bias for variety selection

Mr. Bonifacio Bonachera points out that Top Seeds Iberica uses a technique known as “Survival Bias”, a very interesting theory applied in a quite original way by our manager, Mr. Francisco Maleno, among other statistical techniques which come from statistical and improvement work programmes used along the WWII based on Neyman´s work of statistical techniques in sequential analysis. “Survivors” are always the one studied in traditional analysis and they are selected upon the features that, at least theoretically, have made them survive. Nevertheless, we forget and omit about those members that have not survived and the reasons for them to not have succeeded. That way we are ignoring a huge amount of information which is probably the most important due to the fact that the remaining individuals are from time to time unimportant.


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