The turnover of Egast, a potato and orange grower from Egypt, exceeds 150,000 ton

Wed 14/12/2022 by Natalia Bammatova
Hossam Alkelesh, Regional Export Manager of Egast

Egyptian Agriculture Services & Trade Group (Egast), founded in 1982, is a potato and citrus grower. “We cultivate potato on 14,000 acres, it is our core business,” says Hossam Alkelesh, regional export manager. “Potato production totals 150,000 ton. We also grow citrus fruit and onion on 4,000 and 2,000 acres respectively.” After being packed at company’s packinghouse, the produce is exported to Russia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Gulf countries, the Netherland, the UK and to other destinations.

“The season of 2022/2023 started slowly, because the fruit had not reached their full colour, although they were sweet enough,” states Alkelesh. “This concern lemons too. However, now oranges acquired the full colour, and we started loading to Russia and Europe. The demand goes up for the time being, as the quality is wonderful.”

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