The Shanghai International Fruit Expo makes its debut

China’s fruit industry is flourishing, with the value of fruit imported from all over the world exceeding US$10 billion.
Fri 10/06/2022 by Gwen King
Gwen King
Gwen King

Despite the pandemic, many quality fruits are now being produced in China, which has become the centre of the fruit industry in Asia-Pacific and even the world. This event marked the first high-level international fruit exhibition for the whole industry to be held on the Chinese mainland. On November 15, 2021, the Shanghai International Fruit Exhibition officially debuted with the theme: “World Fruit, Chinese Market”. Although the exhibition had been postponed twice due to the pandemic, it eventually welcomed nearly 200 companies from more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and attracted 6,088 visitors from home and abroad. The largest proportion of exhibitors consisted of wholesalers (30.9%), followed by importers (25.6%), retailers (23.6%), distribution agents (21.2%), growers (20.4%), manufacturers (15.9%), exporters (9.0%) and marketing organisations (8.4%). Other exhibitors came from sectors such as equipment and services, warehousing, packaging, transportation, processing, associations, scientific research institutions, news media and other fields.

A bright future is within reach

This exhibition brought together key players from the global fruit industry and high-quality resources, as part of a commitment to building the most professional international fruit exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. The event promises to have a bright future.

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