The Second Edition of Banana Awards recognises good practices and economic performance

Wed 03/05/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The banana export sector and its value chain have demonstrated their permanent commitment to promoting innovative and sustainable practices so that this flagship fruit of the country gains participation in international markets competitively. For this reason, the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE) promotes the “Banana Awards “, an event held on the night of April 19 in the city of Guayaquil.

Marianela Ubilla, President of the Board of AEBE, said: “Banana Awards demonstrates that in Ecuador there is development, innovation, social programmes, environmental protection, excellent administration, adaptation to changing consumer tastes and above all the promotion of the sector to the objectives sustainable development of the 2030 agenda.”

Eighteen companies competed in the different categories. The winners were as follows:

Economic-financial performance category (Exporters)

– Exporter Performance (Highest Award): Reybanpac

– Export Efficiency: Freskbana SA

– Financial Stability: Reybanpac

– Market Diversification: Reybanpac

– Potential Market Openings: Agzulasa

Sustainability Category

– Sustainability Mention in Sustainable Development (Highest Award): Orodelti

– Sustainability mention in Gender Equality: Jasafrut

– Sustainability mention in Management of sustainable actions: Orodelti

Value Chain

– Economic performance in the logistics sector: Midden Van

– Economic performance in input sector: Agrorum

– Economic performance in the scavenger sector: Papelera Nacional

– Management of sustainable actions: Mardiempre (inputs)

– Gender Equality: Netafim (inputs) and Grupasa (cardboard sector)

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