The growth of the world’s citrus trade

Thu 15/08/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
 The growth of the world’s citrus trade

The global citrus trade expanded by 2% between 2012 and 2016, reaching a total of 16.2 million tons, with a value of US$14.5 billion. The largest importers of citrus in 2016 were France and Germany (8% each), followed by Russia (8%), the Netherlands (7.8%) and the US (7.3%). It is worth noting that the US recorded an average annual growth in its citrus exports over the four-year period of 16% and China’s imports increased by 24% per annum, despite the fact that it also had the highest average import tariffs (18.5%). Meanwhile, as a result of various trade embargoes, Russian imports of citrus fell by an average of 8% over the period.

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