The ‘Food products of local origin, beyond price-quality relation’ congress to be held in Jabugo, Huelva

In March 2022, the congress will be organised by Naturcode, with local, national, and autonomous administrations and the European Union
Fri 10/12/2021 by Amanda Cardinal
Naturcode QR code on Citran products. Copyright: Naturcode.
The compagny Citran is already using Naturcode software.

For the companies that work with Naturcode, its catalogue of sustainable products is important for the consumer to understand why the product they’re interested in buying has a better quality than the rest and about the added value it offers. Communicating with digitalised buyers about the sustainable qualities of food and drinks requires focusing on characteristics like general nutritional value, origin, sustainability standards, among others. When consumers, producers and distributors share clear, straightforward information, this ensures greater transparency and visibility for all. The objective is to engender consumer trust and help producers and distributors with their product development strategies. When products are purchased, a rating system can provide information about the client’s necessities and encourage companies to participate in a competitive market. 

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